ProMarker 300 marking laser

Getting started: ProMarker marking lasers

Getting started with a ProMarker laser

In this tutorial we show you the basics of how to start using a ProMarker marking laser. It will cover the steps such as how to turn on the laser rack and check the warning lights. Use this quick start guide for troubleshooting assistance, to answer procedural questions, and as a handy reference for less experienced laser users.

DirectMark marking laser software - as easy as printing

Laser marking with a ProMarker is as simple as printing. The DirectMark laser software is -pre-installed on your machine and operates like a printer driver. You process your graphics in your preferred graphics program (such as CorelDraw in this tutorial), and send the desired data file to the laser via a print command. In this tutorial you will learn how to handle this marking task:

  • First, switch on the laser and then select the printer driver DirectMark
  • Choose the necessary settings (including among others the laser parameters)
  • Adjust the laser focus (different possibilities)
  • Position the component (pilot laser)
  • Start your laser job.

In five easy steps you have personalised your product.

Helpful operation guide

Our tutorial is designed as a time-saving guide for companies where multiple personnel operate the laser. It is intended that any employee, whether newly employed or only an occasional laser user can operate the marking laser within a short time after reading this guide, allowing you to keep production active.

Download Tutorial: DirectMark Tutorial 1 - Quick Start Guide

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