Service packages and extended guarantees for Trotec laser machines

Peace of Mind with TroCare Plans

Trotec laser machines are known for their sturdy design. Only high quality components and parts are used in the construction to ensure a long service life for our lasers. If you want to ensure peace of mind and extend the warranty for your laser machine beyond the standard manufacturer's term, we also offer a range of TroCare plans.

TroCare Service Package

Our TroCare service plans allow you to get the service best suited for your laser machine and business requirements.
Depending on the chosen service package, TroCare offers fast response times, breakdown cover, replacement parts and even laser source replacement. 
Greater cost control can be yours by choosing a customised service package that matches your needs and your laser machine.

Scope of services offered in TroCare service packages

Defined response times:
In the event of a technical problem, we guarantee you the fastest response to your call.

Extended guarantee:
TroCare Protect and Protect Plus plans offer you effective protection from unexpected repair costs, covering your laser's most important components.

Spare parts included:
Trotec original replacement parts (not including consumables) are included with TroCare Protect and TroCare Protect Plus.

Service package:
TroCare Protect and TroCare Protect Plus give you peace of mind that the long-term and professional servicing of your laser machine is guaranteed. Optimal service will maintain the value and functionality of your laser machine for a long time, the laser beam and the opto-mechanical components will be checked at least annually to ensure proper functioning.

Comparing the TroCare packages

We understand that every business is unique. For some customers, the laser is the lifeblood of their business so we’ve designed the TroCare Protect Plus plan to guarantee a rapid response rate when maximum uptime is vital. While Trocare Protect is designed for businesses which want to ensure reliability and peace of mind along with a priority response time but do not require an urgent response within 2 hours.

Our TroCare plans ensure maximum productivity for your laser. Over time, If the laser source loses power, this can quickly result in reduced throughput and profitability for your business. We guarantee to keep your laser operating at optimal levels with no hidden costs or call out charges. With TroCare Protect and TroCare Protect Plus, we commit to replacing your laser source if the laser power has reduced by greater than 10% at source.

For occasional and very low-volume laser users, for whom downtime is less of a concern, Trocare Maintenance may offer adequate assurance with an annual service. 

Compare the three options below:

  TroCare Maintenance TroCare Protect TroCare Protect Plus
Annual service (incl. labour & travel) Included Included Included
Breakdown labour Included Included
Breakdown travel - Included Included
Replacement laser source - Included* Included*
Breakdown parts (excl. consumables) - Included* Included*
Free cutting table 1 per 3 years** 1 per 3 years**
Free lens - 1 per year*** 1 per year***
Telephone hotline Included Included Included
Remote troubleshooting Included Included Included
Hotline hours Mon - Fri - 09:00 - 17:00 Mon - Fri - 09:00 - 17:00 Mon - Fri - 09:00 - 17:00
Response time (remote) - 4 hours 2 hours
Response time (onsite) - 72 hours 48 hours
Reserved air-cooled/water-cooled laser source in stock locally - - Included
Monthly direct debit payment available Yes Yes Yes

* See T&C's for spare parts included 
**Not applicable to SP series or galvo models
*** Not applicable to galvo machines. SP series terms vary, contact us for details.

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