What is the lifetime of a Trotec laser machine?

Thanks to high quality components and workmanship, Trotec laser machines are designed for a long service life. Generally we expect the machines to last for 10 years. To ensure that this is the case we offer you training on the optimal handling of your laser machine as well as the essential maintenance. The following paragraph offers a number of tips on what you should do to ensure the longest possible service life of your laser machine.

Optimise the service life of your Trotec laser machine

The ideal location for your laser machine

One of the most important factors in ensuring a long life for your laser machine is the operating environment. A temperature around 15-25 degrees Celsius at normal humidity (40-70% relative humidity) is ideal for our laser machines.

Heat, cold, high temperature differences during operation as well as direct sunlight all negatively affect the operation and, ultimately, the service life. The higher the laser power, the higher the waste heat of the laser. It is therefore crucial to maintain the specified temperatures and to provide adequate ventilation for your machine. The distance between the laser machine and the wall is also critical to provide sufficient circulating air to the laser source. In cold seasons such as winter, it is very important not to operate the laser at a room temperature below 15 degrees Celsius. It should also be noted that the laser needs time to reach room temperature. Prior to resuming full operation, wait in standby mode until the laser source has reached operating temperature.

Find further information on the ideal conditions for your laser in our FAQ:
The perfect environment for your laser

Regular cleaning of your laser machine

To ensure a smooth operation, regular cleaning of the laser is highly recommended. This is because deposits of material can lead to flame formation and residues in the laser can block air ducts. This is particularly noticeable with applications which are dust intensive, such as woods. The following components should be checked primarily for deposits and material residues:

  • Optical components: Lenses and mirrors
  • Nozzle
  • Work area and processing space

Details on cleaning your laser can be found in the operating manual or in our FAQ:
Cleaning and dust extraction for Trotec laser machines

Only use materials that are suitable for laser cutting, marking and engraving

Not all materials are suitable for processing with a laser machine. Some materials can have an adverse affect on the laser machine and even the operator if they are processed. In our FAQ we have compiled a list of materials which should not be processed on your Trotec laser machine.
Unsuitable materials for laser processing

Use an exhaust system

InPack technology is designed to protect your Trotec laser machine components including motors and electronic components from dust and smoke. Depending on the material used, however, smoke and dust may be produced during laser processing. These should be extracted from the processing area of the laser to avoid contamination on the machine. We recommend Atmos exhaust systems for the efficient removal of smoke and dirt. When the filter of the exhaust requires changing you will be notified by a signal or a warning on the display of the unit. Read our guide to find out more about our exhaust systems.

Alongside efficient extraction, Trotec offers nozzles for Air Assist circulation, which is fed from the compressor or external compressed air to the work surface. The nozzles are part of the air flushing concept, which protects the lenses and mirrors from contamination. Trotec's experienced team are happy to advise you on the above products. 

Avoid flame formation

Laser cutting certain materials, such as acrylic, can produce flames during the process. We would recommend adjusting the suction, the Air Assist and the laser parameters to avoid this occurring during the laser cutting. Alongside these steps the use of different laser cutting tables, such as the acrylic cutting grid or acrylic slats, also helps to prevent the formation of flames. Molten or dirty acrylic work tables should be replaced quickly.

You also need to be careful of processing residues that have fallen into the table as these can also ignite during laser processing. Regular cleaning of this space is important. 

Regular maintenance

Trotec offers a variety of service contracts or maintenance options to optimise the service life of your laser. Our certified service technicians check your system, set it up and give you tips on handling. If necessary, we replace maintenance and wear parts such as the lens. Find out more about service contracts here:
Service contracts and warranty extensions for Trotec laser machines

Which laser components are subject to wear and tear?

Optical components

The optical components such as lenses or mirrors are subject to normal wear and tear, which very much depends on the operation. The factors that influence this include how long you work with the laser per day, which laser outputs you use and which material is processed. For applications with heavy dust generation or flame formation, the correct use of Air Assist is a significant influencing factor. Dirty and improperly cleaned laser lenses become increasingly impervious over time. This can lead to increased heat loss and eventually - if not replaced beforehand - destruction of the lens. Regularly inspecting and cleaning the optical components prevents premature failure of these components.

Laser source

The heart of the laser system, the laser source is responsible for generating the laser beam. Trotec laser machines primarily use CO2 laser sources with a ceramic interior (Ceramicore®), which are characterised by a particularly long service life of the gas filling. As with other components, the service life of the laser source depends on several factors, the most important of which are the ambient conditions and the operating mode. Short laser operations with high operating performances burden the laser source more than continuous work with a medium range of performance.
Further information and tips on the service life of your laser source can be found in this document:
How to get max CO2 laser tube lifetime

Ambient conditions

As with the machine itself, operating temperatures which are too high or cold will also affect your laser source. Find out more above. 

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