troCare Protection Plan

TroCare is a customised service package for maximum productivity reliability and calculable operating costs.

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Your Benefits

  • Warranty extension for new machines
  • Calculable operating costs
  • Productivity warranty
  • Swift support by the manufacturer and its own competent technicians
  • Discount on consumables

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Comprehensive Service Range


Warranty Extension

During the entire term of the TroCare standard package, you benefit from full warranty on the laser tube and all other spare parts. For your tried and tested device, after examination you get the same terms of warranty as for a new device.


Productivity Warranty

In case of a technical defect, Trotec will do everything to enable you to resume your operations as soon as possible – competent engineers and developers will be at your service, supported by a rich stock of spare parts and replacement equipment.


Telephone Hotline

Call 0191 580 1184 to contact Trotec’s Technical Support. Our competent staff will be pleased to assist you and help you to resolve malfunctions and technical issues quickly.


Travel and Work in Case of Repair

Travel and work costs in case of repairs will be billed at cost. However, you pay either the calculated amount or the maximum amount according to your selected TroCare package – whichever is more favorable to you.


Software Update

Software updates to the current state of the master version purchased are carried out free of charge as required and agreed after clarification of the scope (controlling PC, firmware of the laser system, other installed software) and based on the compatibility list.


Annual Service

The mandatory annual service is performed in accordance with the equipment maintenance plan. It comprises of cleaning, adjustment of the laser and of the table and exchange of the filters if required. among other things. All key components that contribute significantly to optimising the performance of the device and achieving the best results are tested and serviced. The annual service can also be booked separately and independently from a TroCare package.


Available for new devices as well as used lasers

TroCare protection packages can be taken out upon purchase of a new device or alternatively at a later time, after mandatory examination of the condition of the device. Good maintenance ensures long service life and excellent performance – this is why we recommend TroCare from the very beginning.

Frequently Asked Questions


How is Trotec’s service organised?

“All from one source” – the key to maximum customer satisfaction. Trotec develops, manufactures and services its systems by itself. Service employees are continuously trained, use their own technical laboratory and the latest IT and efficient logistical systems to optimally support you and ensure your success.


When can I choose a TroCare protection package?

You can take out a protection package directly when purchasing your laser system, or at a later time. If you decide to take out a package later on, your device will first be checked prior to conclusion of the contract. This check can also be done as part of a Trotec service tour, which is particularly cost-efficient.


Why do I need annual service?

Like a car, your laser system should be tested and adjusted at least once a year to continue to deliver optimal results and to ensure a long service life.