Laser Marking Dataplates, industrial plaques and tags

For industrial plaques and dataplates made of metal and plastics

Marking metal dataplate

Be flexible when laser engraving plaques, dataplates and industrial plaques

Be flexible

Trotec's range of flatbed lasers and galvo laser marking machines are the ideal tools for laser engraving plaques and dataplates. Whether you need to install signs for legal reasons or simply require functional labels, a laser allows you to label self-adhesive materials, plastics and metals. It is equally suitable for standard sizes as well as unusual shapes or sizes.

Laser engraving plaques and dataplates: Suitable materials

  • Plastics
  • Laminates
  • Acrylic plates
  • Coated metals, e.g. anodised aluminium
  • Stainless steel and many more
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Laser marking: Why choose a laser for marking dataplates?

Intelligent marking software for industrial needs: By purchasing Trotec laser marking equipment you will receive a perfectly tuned software package that guarantees a simple work process and the highest ease of use. Depending on your device, the Trotec marking software is able to generate codes and serial numbers or to communicate with ERP or database systems. It has never been easier to achieve perfect labels.

Function and advantages of laser technology

Flexible, dynamic data can be marked

A wide range of markings can be created from dynamic content without retooling or tool changes

Advantages of Trotec Lasers

Intelligent and intuitive SpeedMark marking software that can simply process data from existing ERP systems and all dynamic contents in codes

Markings take seconds and increases output

  • High speed marking with variable data is possible (e.g. serial numbers, codes)
  • A wide range of different markings can be created on dataplates and industrial plaques without retooling or tool changes

Advantages of Trotec Lasers

  • Intelligent and intuitive marking software
  • Fast and highly accurate positioning of components by means of a camera system: SpeedMark Vision - Smart Adjust
  • Integration of contents from ERP files is possible"

Permanent markings

  • Laser markings are permanent and are resistant to abrasion, heat and acid.
  • Especially important for traceability and quality assurance

Advantages of Trotec Lasers

  • Product portfolio with matching fiber laser systems for all requirements
  • OEM galvo fiber laser for integration into production lines
  • Custom-built systems according to customer requirements

Marking take seconds and allow fast cycle times

  • Dataplates and industrial plaques can be marked very quickly thanks to galvo technology

Advantages of Trotec Lasers

  • Maintenance-free galvo fiber lasers for fast label production with minimal servicing

Incredible design opportunities

  • Virtually any design can be created with the laser: Logos, designs, bar codes, etc.
  • It is possible to create 1-point fonts and small shapes that are still clearly legible
  • Even photos can be produced in the shortest possible time

Advantages of Trotec Lasers

  • DirectMark or JobControl® software for laser marking directly from the graphics program make everything as easy as printing

Cost-efficient production

  • Direct marking eliminates the additional cost of consumables
  • No pre or post treatments are required
  • Tool wear is eliminated

Advantages of Trotec Lasers

  • The SpeedMarker with a maintenance-free fiber laser can be integrated as a laser workstation or into a production line
  • The robust mechanics of Trotec laser systems have been designed for many years of intensive use with minimal servicing

Application examples for dataplates

Laser marking dataplates produces durable markings which are resistant to abrasion, UV radiation, heat, cold, chemicals and alcohol. The precise laser beam makes it possible to apply the finest of details and even 1-point fonts that are clearly legible without laborious pre-processing of materials. If you want to label one piece or several hundred, the cost per laser marking remains consistently low thanks to minimal maintenance and repair costs.

  • Dataplates
  • Industrial plaques
  • Machine plaques
  • Warning notices
  • Product information
  • Information on trademark protection

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