The global Trotec team


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World map showing Trotec locations

The successful development of Trotec would not have been possible without the commitment, motivation and know-how of our loyal personnel. For our special anniversary we want to personally introduce you to our areas:

Trotec Laser Australia

"Nailed it!!!"

Location: Head Office in Sydney, other locations Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Hamilton in NZ
Number of employees: 39

Trotec Laser Austria

"Be number ONE"

Location: Marchtrenk
Number of employees: 21

Trotec Laser Canada

"Trust, Loyalty and Care"

Location: Toronto, ON, Calgary, AB, Vancouver, BC, Montreal, QC
Number of Employees: 31

Trotec Laser China

"Team leads to Xtraordinary"

Location: Xiamen, China
Number of employees: 17

Trotec Laser France

"Everything is possible, nothing is impossible!"

Location: Paris
Number of employees: 34

Trotec Laser Germany

"The will to succeed"

Location: Ismaning (München), Markdorf (am Bodensee), Isernhagen (Hannover), Leipzig, Berlin, Herdecke (Dortmund), Darmstadt (Frankfurt), Gerlingen (Stuttgart)
Number of employees: 63

Trotec Laser Italy

"Always push"

Location: HQ – Concorezzo, Monza – Showrooms Rome, Bologna and Padova
Number of employees: 13

Trotec Laser Japan

"Results driven mission, Jobcontrol vision and Speedy team action are the keys to success"

Location: Tokyo, Japan
Number of employees: 17

Trotec Laser Mexico

“Marking customer dreams”

Location: San Francisco del Rincon, Guanajuato, Mexico
Number of employees: 32

Trotec Laser Netherlands

"Together Everyone Achieves More"

Location: Haaksbergen, the Netherlands & Zaventem, Belgium
Number of employees: 16

Trotec Laser Poland

"One Team - One Course"

Location: Warsaw, Poland
Number of employees: 14

Trotec Laser Russia

"Any problems? We stay brave: Mark the task and then engrave."

Location: Russia, Moscow
Number of employees: 2

Trotec Laser South Africa

"Years of experience but still learning"

Location: Cape Town, Durban, Benoni and Johannesburg
Number of Employees: 11

Trotec Laser Spain

Location: Barcelona - Spain
Number of employees: 11

Trotec Laser Switzerland

"Best Team for best success"

Location: Lyss, Volketswil 
Number of employees: 10

Trotec Laser UK and Ireland

"Keep calm and laser on"

Locations: Head office: Newcastle, England - Showrooms: Yate, Guildford, Burton-Upon-Trent, Dublin (Ireland), Stirling (Scotland)
Number of employees: 42

Trotec Laser USA

"Never say: 'that's not my job'."

Locations: Plymouth Michigan (near Detroit)
Number of employees: 50

Trotec Laser HQ

"Setting New Standards"

Location: Marchtrenk, Austria

ILC - Innovative Laminations Company

"Plastic made perfect"

Location: New Bern, NC
Number of employees: 40+