Optimized Material Processing for Reliable and Consistent Production

Patented Table System for Precise Cutting

The patented SP4000 laser system is specially designed for textile processing. The system is optimized for fabric roll processing, and the laser bed design has been designed to safely load and unload materials. The SP4000's cut and transport conveyor combines high air permeability and vacuum suction strength, thereby offering robust fume extraction capabilities. As a result, a clean cut edge is created without ample smoke remaining after processing.

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Unloading Table for Maximized Productivity

The unloading table feature of the SP4000 laser system allows for the constant operation of the laser. While the laser head is cutting or engraving fabric in on the work area, processed textiles can be moved onto the unloading table. The intelligent automatic segmentation of the work and unloading areas ensures a smooth and seamless workflow.

Advanced Textile Conveying Technology

In combination with the cutting and unloading table features, the feeder component of the SP4000 system provides a highly reliable and accurate cutting process. The system's conveying and automatic edge control functions ensure that that the material fed through the laser is free of creases, waves or distortions. 

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