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Marking "On the Fly"

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Marking Moving Workpieces

It is possible to implement laser technology in continuous manufacturing systems to mark constantly moving workpieces. This specific type of laser processing is commonly referred to as marking "on the fly."

Constant Laser Operation

Marking on-the-fly requires laser technology that is designed for constant industrial use with minimal workflow stoppage. Moreover, with regards to output quality, it is imperative that a laser implemented in continuous manufacturing production is capable of processing a large volume of workpieces with accuracy and speed.

Trotec Industrial Laser Systems

Trotec Laser Canada offers a variety of customizable laser solutions that can be seamlessly integrated with a wide array of manufacturing equipment, such as conveyor belt systems and automated material roll feeders.

Not only are Trotec lasers intended for continuous industrial operation and distortion-free marking, but they can used with existing enterprise software via Trotec's proprietary SpeedMark and DirectMark software.

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