Positioning aids in the JobControl® laser software

Remove the Guesswork from Engraving

Trotec's JobControl® laser software offers different methods for quickly and reliably positioning a graphic on your workpiece. Not only can you save time by not having to make manual measurements, but you can also avoid making errors and wasting materials as a result.

What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG)

The "What you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) feature enables a user to view all jobs positioned on the work surface, as well as their graphical content. Activate this feature in JobControl® by clicking on the eye icon on the top bar of the window.

Positional adjustments can be easily made due to the bidirecional communication between JobControl® and your laser system. Simply move the laser head, and the crosshairs on your screen (i.e., your design`s position) will move accordingly. 

The WYSIWYG view displays all of the cutting, engraving, positioning, and pass lines and marks — each assigned a specific colour in the Materials database  — that will be sent to your laser. If you deactivate a parameter in the Material database, for instance, it will not appear in the WYSIWYG view. 

Therefore, at a glance, you can determine whether the job will be processed correctly.


Guides make it easier to position the job on the work surface (if it is not in the 0/0 position). This allows you to save material waste and use the remaining material more efficiently. In recurring jobs, you can align these with leftover pieces on the upper edge to increase efficiency. You can also use guides to align your job to the right or center on your workpiece.

Creating your own guide is another simple and efficient way to precisely position your job where the material is on the table. To create a guide, press and hold the left mouse button on the respective work surface ruler while moving the mouse toward the work surface. You can also enter the exact position of the guide using coordinates.


Markers are displayed on the work surface as blue crosses and serve as a positioning aid for jobs. Markers act "magnetically" on all corners and the center of a job.

If you have to process recurring jobs in large quantities, individually or in a template, a marker helps determine and fix the positioning of the individual elements. The corner points and the center of a job on the work surface can also be fixed by using markers, similar to the procedure with the guides. A marker is also particularly helpful for fixing the position on the work surface if the job is recurring and when elements in the graphic have been forgotten and subsequently added. The prerequisite for this is that the job size remains unchanged.

Markers can be set using the JobControl® laser software, or by using the Home key directly on the keyboard of the machine. Press the button for approximately 3 seconds to define the position of the laser head as a marker and a new (temporary) starting position. This saves time, especially when the computer is not directly next to the laser machine.

Once the new starting position is fixed, the JobPosition function can define whether the job should be positioned in the center or in the corners. Using the Home button, each job will then be automatically aligned in the desired position.

Job Position Bar

The job position bar provides information about the X and Y position of a selected job on the work surface. A precise job position is possible through the manual input of the desired coordinates.

Depending on the choice of import, the coordinates are displayed in the top left corner or the center of a job.

Save a Job Plate

Save the entire plate including the job, parameters, markers and guides as a pjx file. With just one click, you can open the job and all the settings will be automatically loaded. This not only saves time, but application errors can be kept to a minimum, even for untrained operators.

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