Laser cut and engraved Christmas card

Step by step guide

Send your Christmas greetings this year with a laser-cut Christmas card made of three different materials (cardboard, felt and wood veneer). You don’t have felt ready? No worries, you can also design the card only with wood and cardboard. You can even use the wooden cutouts as christmas tree or window decorations.


Required material:

  • Veneered Wood, 3/64"
  • Green Polyester Felt, 1/8"
  • Coloured Cardboard

Machine used:

  • Speedy 300, 80 Watts or
  • SpeedMarker CL, 200 Watts
  • 1.5 inch lens


  • We recommend using thin, pvc-free doublesided tape on the back of the veneer and cut wood and tape at the same time. The assembly is then very easy.

Step by Step

Step 1: Cutting and engraving wood

With the Speedy 300:

Open the file and send it to the laser. Put the chosen veneer into the machine and select the parameters. The parameters used depend on the machine used and the laser power, so they may vary. If nothing else is mentioned, all steps are performed in one pass.

  • Engraving: Power 70%, speed 50%, frequency 500 Hz, air assist on, z-offset 0
  • Cutting: Power 65%, speed 2%, frequency 500 Hz, air assist on, z-offset 0

Alternative: with the SpeedMarker CL:

Import the file (download) to SpeedMark and start the laser job.

  • Engraving: Power 40%, speed 1500 mm/s, frequency 10 000 Hz, filling 0.2mm
  • Cutting: Power 100%, speed 300mm/s frequency 5 000 Hz

Step 2: Cutting felt

If you want, you can perform the felt cutting in one pass as well (e.g. with the Speedy 300 and 28% performance). But you have to be aware that the edges then may be a little bit melted.

With the Speedy 300:

Like with the wood engraving, open the downloaded file and send it to the laser. Choose your felt and put it into the machine.

  • Cutting: Performance 12%, speed 2%, frequency 1000 Hz, air assist on, z-offset 0, 3 passages

Alternative: with the SpeedMarker CL

Import the file to SpeedMark and start the laser job.

  • Cutting: Power 30%, speed 1000 mm/s, frequency 10 000 Hz, 2 passages

Step 3: Assembly

The assembly is very easy: just stick the veneer on the cardboard and then fix the felt with glue in the cut parts of the veneer. The Christmas card is ready to be sent!

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