engraved business card

Precious paper:
Business cards

Step by step guide

Impress your friends and colleagues with this custom paper finishing application. Precious paper laser engraved and cut.


Required material

  • Paper or cardboard
    • We used "Gmund Doubleface 925 brown, silver"

Trotec laser used

  • Speedy 300
  • 30 watts
  • 1.5 inch lens

Step by Step

Step 1:

Open the file "Bussines_Card" in your graphic programme, then send it to the laser. Please keep in mind that the settings for speed and laser power may vary depending on the machine used.

Laser Settings

Black (engraving):
Power: 30%, Speed: 25%, Frequency: 500dpi, Air Assist: On 

Red (cutting):
Power: 30%, Speed: 5%, Frequency: 1000Hz, Air Assist: On, Z-Offset: -2

Blue (cutting):
Power: 25%, Speed: 1.5%, Frequency: 1000Hz, Air Assist: On

Desert blue (cutting):
Power: 40%, Speed: 2%, Frequency: 1000Hz, Air Assist: On


  • Use the 1.5 inch lens to make the detailed writings come out particularly beautiful.
  • If you use conventional paper and not a special cardboard, we suggest that you reduce the laser power.
  • The combination of the vacuum table and the honeycomb table leads to the best result.
  • Feel free to adapt the design! Be creative!

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