stamp photo quality

Laser engraved
photo stamp

Transform your photos into impressing stamp imprints

Stamp or photo? Have a closer look and discover the fine details of the stamp, imprinted on any kind of paper.


Required material

  • Laser rubber
  • Stamp
    • We used Trodat Professional 5215

Trotec laser used

  • Speedy 100
  • 60 watts


  • Use a 1.5 inch or a 2.0 inch lens.

Step by Step

Step 1: Choose your photo

If possible, use a high-contrast portrait photo with a light, even background. If you want to use pictures from the Internet, always download high quality, large-scale images.

Find here a detailed guide on how to prepare a photo for stamp engraving.

Step 2: Engrave and cut the laser rubber

Open the "Photo stamp" file and send it to the laser with the recommended laser parameters. The parameters may vary depending on the machine used and the available laser power.

Engraving parameters (black):

Power: 100%, Speed: 18%, Frequency: 600ppi

Cutting parameters (red):

Power: 100%, Speed: 2.5%, Frequency: 2000Hz

Step 3: Assembling the stamp and text plate

As soon as the rubber sheet is engraved and cut, you can put the two parts together.

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