Laser engraving of plywood sheets for lighting rigs

Growing sustainable solutions with Trotec laser

Published on: 06/05/2018

About Green Lab

Green Lab is an open innovation lab started by Andrew Gregson that lets its members engineer sustainable solutions for many different issues such as urban food. Andrew created Green Lab to inspire creativity, teamwork, experimentation and fun so that people could make ideas that get more natural, nutritious foods onto people's plates.

Green Lab's end goal is to create sustainable solutions to hard urban food, water and waste problems. To accomplish that, they required a reliable, in-house solution.

Finding a self-sufficient solution

Green Lab creates a variety of things in-house. These include vital pieces for their workspace such as lighting rigs, signage, enclosures and mounting boards for technical agricultural projects.

Andrew desired for the lab to be self-sustaining, giving its members the adaptability necessary to be inventive and prototype their designs without worry, as well as to make internal applications for the lab.

Andrew understood that the lab needed an answer that not only would allow the lab reach these goals, but also would get rid of the need to buy items off the shelf. It was also important to take production work in-house to prevent outsourcing, which was not as economical.

These reasons were what lead Andrew to look into laser machines as a possible solution.

"Our laser offers us near unlimited ways to be creative and work towards our ultimate goal, with prototypes being produced in a quick and effortless manner. We no longer have to resort to buying products and items off the shelf. "
- Andrew Gregson - Founder Green Lab -

Trotec's solution for Green Lab

Trotec laser cutters are able to process a wide range of materials and substrates that are used across various industries. Thanks to the help of JobControl laser software, Trotec lasers make it simple to create intricate designs on things such as wood or food, allowing for a huge variety of potential applications.

Green Lab now houses a Speedy 100 inside its work environment for both member and internal use. A huge advantage that the laser has given the lab is the adaptability to be inventive and work towards their end goal.

With the help of user-friendly JobControl software, even laser beginners can effortlessly create and print their designs. The laser works with standard file types, allowing it to adapt to the different applications made inside the lab.

"Our installation process was exemplary. We received a full day of training from our area manager to help us become familiar with the machine and the after sales support has been excellent. The Trotec team are very knowledgeable and happy to help."
- Andrew Gregson - Founder Green Lab -

Materials to match Green Lab's requirements

Green Lab uses our Trotec plywood sheets when creating a lot of their products.

"In the lab we produce all manners of applications including internal signage, stencils and stamps, however we utilise Trotec's range of plywood sheets in the production of our lighting rigs. Plywood is a clean material and we have chosen it for its sustainability compared to other materials such as plastics.

"Trotec materials are high quality, sized to meet our requirements and always delivered on time."

Visit the Trotec webshop to learn more about our wide selection of different material sheets and engraving supplies.

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