Green Grass Design

Published on: 01/18/2019 Author: Trotec Laser South Africa

From Graphic Design to Laser Cut Goods

Green Grass Design is an upmarket graphic design studio, based in Parkhurst Johannesburg. Although the business was initially intended as solely a design studio, as their company grew, so did their ideas, their ambition, and their need for a Trotec laser. Green Grass Design now produce unique laser cut goods for their corporate clients, as well as creating their own unique products for their retail store, which they sell to the general public.

"Trotec machines are workhorses. You load them and they work"
- Ria Kraftt - Visual Cultivator -

Design Without Limits

As a graphic design studio, Green Grass Design's concepts were generally bound by client limitations (budget, scheduling/time constraints, project briefs, etc.) and those of their third-party collaborators, on whom they depended to produce their designs (eg: printers and fabricators). However, while attending a signage and print exhibition in Johannesburg, owner Ria Kraftt came across a Trotec booth, with various applications running on our machines. Igniting her love for hands-on creation, she was instantly intrigued, and began to explore the possibilities a Trotec machine might offer her and her company.

"We also love the ease of use - once you've got your cutline and your artwork, you've got a product! "
- Ria Kraftt - Visual Cultivator -

A Speedy Route to Creative Freedom

As an established studio constantly buzzing with ideas, the introduction of laser machines to Green Grass Design was met with considerable excitement. Here was an outlet for their creativity unlike anything they had previously attempted. A design challenge offering the added benefit of a tangible creation, and completely free from the restrictions of working with an established company or brand. 

To Ria, the laser cutting industry was ready for a company like Green Grass. Where many investors might pursue an interest in laser technology, only to fall back on standard applications like signage or engraving, her company hopes to push things forward in a dramatic, innovative way. She sums up her philosophy quite succinctly - "I think what is amazing is that, what you visualize, you can cut".

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