Service agreements and extended guarantees for Trotec laser machines

The ‘plus’ in certainty for your laser machine.

Trotec laser machines are well recognized for their robust design. To guarantee our lasers' long service life, we make sure to build them with only high quality materials. If you want insurance for your machine past the legal warranty, we also provide personalized service packages with troCare.

troCare Service Package

Through our personalized troCare service packages, you can receive the service that best fits you and your laser machine.
Dependant on which service package that you pick, troCare provides quick responses, a broadened replacement parts service and even insurance for downtime.
More cost control and fewer worries are easy to achieve by selecting your own custom service package that can exactly meet your needs and your laser machine.

Scope of services offered in troCare service packages

Faster responses:
If you ever experience a technical issue, we assure you the quickest answer to your call.

Software Updates:
You are provided with free software updates. This will constantly keep your laser system up to date. 

Extended guarantee:
Customized to your needs! The Trotec extended guarantee provides you with effective protection from unplanned repair costs. Our guarantee covers the most essential components within your laser.

Spare parts included:
You receive original Trotec replacement parts.

Service package:
By signing an annual service agreement at a fixed price with us, the lasting functionality and professional maintenance of your laser machine is ensured. With optimal servicing, the value and function of your laser is kept for a very long time. We check the parameters of the laser beam and we check the opto-mechanical parts for correct functioning.

Supplemental packages and special deals:
Additionally, we also provide appealing supplemental packages and special deals, independent of your laser's type and your location.

troCare packages in comparison

We provide three different kinds of troCare service agreements: Basic, Professional and Premium. Below is an example of how the packages compare to each other.
Please contact your local Trotec office for more information about each package.

(⚪ = optional, ⚫ = included)

  Basic Professional Premium
Defined response times
Software updates within the installed version
Extended guarantee
Replacement parts (e.g., motors, electrical) included *
Service packages at fixed price
Discount for consumables such as filters or lenses  -
Laser source insured against breakdown  -
Working times at flat rates  -
Special conditions for leasing lasers to expand capacity  -
Expanded availability  -  -

* With the exception of consumables and wear parts like filters, belts, optics, etc.

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