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Can Trotec lasers be used for metal processing?

Read more about the Trotec laser processes that can be used for metallic workpieces and what to consider.

We provide a line of solutions for engraving and marking metals that can additionally perform a wide variety of applications.

Metal workpieces can be cut with lasers, but there are many variables like metal type, thickness, the quality desired and the accuracy of cut edges that will determine how suitable lasers are for the project.

Trotec lasers for applications requiring cutting are currently meant for working with non-metal materials. While there are restrictions to laser cutting metal products, it is possible. Even still, like any application, it should absolutely be tested beforehand.

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Which laser sources can be used to cut metal?

Generally, both CO2 and fiber laser sources have the ability to cut metal. However, metals like steel and ferrous materials are easier to cut than light or non-ferrous metals like copper or aluminum.

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Under what conditions?

Process gases assist the cutting process and can improve the cutting quality in certain materials. Gas kits (with the correct fittings and nozzles on the work heads) can be obtained for select Trotec lasers and can be used with their respective process gases (e.g., nitrogen).

What are typical laser cutting applications?

Thin foils made from ferrous metals and materials can be cut with the CO2 laser.
More reflective foils made from metals like copper or brass can similarly be cut with the fiber laser.

Metal applications

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