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Laser Engraving Rubber Stamps

Manufacture Rubber Stamps with Trotec Lasers

Manufacture Rubber Stamps with Trotec Lasers

Years ago, Trodat – the international leader in rubber stamps – required a better laser solution for manufacturing their stamps. They commissioned Trotec Laser to create something specifically for their needs, and since then, every single Trotec machine comes equipped and ready for rubber stamp production. Features including the ‘harsh environment kit’ and InPack Technology’ are designed specifically for stamp production, and all Trodat stamp sizes and templates are pre-loaded and ready for use in JobControl.

Save Time Laser Etching Rubber Stamps

By utilising Trotec laser systems, you can easily manufacture rubber stamps. The Trotec JobControl® software provides you with comprehensive support for this process. This program will also ensure that your production is quick and easy, with as little hiccups as possible! Simply look and see the difference that a high powered Trotec laser system can make to your production time, as well as your overall ROI.

Rubber Stamp Production Alongside Laser Etching – Always an Advantage!

Just 1 rubber stamp a week can pay off the finance or investment costs of a Trotec laser system! (For leasing or financing over 48 months)



Now you can manufacture text plates for rubber stamps from laser rubber.

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Why Trotec?

High Quality Components

Trotec laser systems are specifically designed for intensive use over many years. So ultimately, we will only ever use components of the highest possible quality. We source our parts from our own, leading production manufacturers, ensuring reliability and consistent high-quality.

Time & Costs

With our Job Time Calculator, you can estimate the anticipated engraving and cutting times prior to starting the machine! This clearly makes production planning and price-evaluating a lot easier for you and your team. Additionally, Trotec’s software records all the jobs you have completed – so the post-calculations are also very simple.

Made in Austria – ‘A Safe Bet’

Trotec laser engraving machines are designed and manufactured in Austria. All components are compliant with the standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CE and TUV. Our rubber stamp machines are built standard to ‘laser safety class 2’. Operators, onlookers and your jobs are always 100% protected and safe.

Matching Systems

At Trotec, all our components perfectly match one another. Laser engraver = laser rubber = exhaust system. You can even make your selection from a wide range of different laser systems, all designed for rubber stamp production and tailored to your specific requirements. Additionally, Trodat offers rubber stamps for a wide range of applications and intentions.

Optimal Laser Machines

Trotec laser systems are perfectly designed for laser engraving rubber stamps. Thanks to our intelligent and innovative InPack TechnologyTM, all flatbed laser systems are designed to prevent dust from damaging its components, including optics, mechanics and electronics – low-maintenance operation and a long lifetime is guaranteed with a Trotec laser engraving machine.

"We chose Trotec due to its perceived reliability and quality. And – no doubt, we made the right choice. Trotec’s after sales service is exemplary. We feel that Trotec does not only sell machines – they become partners. There is always help anytime we are stuck."
- ​Lorgina Doctora, - owner of Inkman Ltd -
"I decided to purchase a Trotec Laser because Trotec seemed to be the best in the field. Trotec offers me the benefit of speeding up the manufacturing process. I would recommend Trotec because they are trouble free and easy to use. Trotec Laser are market leaders."
- Craig Owens - owner of Stead Bros. Stamps -
"I decided to purchase a Trotec Laser because I was tired of the old style of producing rubber stamps. This way is clean, quick and I can produce a stamp while a client is waiting. I would recommend Trotec Laser because it saved me a lot of money. Compared to the alternative process, Trotec Lasers are very efficient, clean and quiet."
- Ray Helou - owner of Interprint Rubber Stamps -

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Tips for Engraving Stamps

“How do I make a stamp?”

When creating a text plate, the image or text must be inverted and mirrored, making the impression readable. Our software ‘JobControl’ can provide you with an automated stamping process, allowing it to perform these steps on its own. This software also supports the generation of ‘shoulders’, as well as automated cutting settings. This makes it possible to achieve a clean, crisp impression in the rubber.

“What engraving depth do I need to obtain a clean impression?”

The engraving depth of stamping should be about 1.1mm for a good impression.

“What laser power settings should I use?”

When laser engraving rubber, you need to use a relatively high laser power setting. The more power used, the faster the engraving will be.

“Which lens should I use for stamp engraving?”

Always use a 1.5” lens for stamps with delicate, fine details. This way, you will achieve the clearest, crispest impressions.

“What are ‘links’?”

When the function “link” [Stege] is activated in JobControl®, small connecting bridges between the engraved and cut text plates are automatically generated. Now, you can clean the entire DIN A4 stamp plate, simply breaking out the individual text plates one by one.

“Laser processing rubber produces a lot of dust. Will this shorten the service life of my laser system?”

Not at all. All Trotec laser machines are perfectly designed for laser engraving stamps. Thanks to InPack Technology™, our flatbed lasers are designed to prevent dust from damaging any sensitive components, including optics, mechanics and electronics. This ensures long lasting, low-maintenance operation.

“What type of extraction system do I need?”

Efficient extraction, using activated carbon, is important when removing dust and odour from the working area. If very large quantities of rubber are going to be laser engraved, a pre-filter can be installed between the laser itself and the extraction system. This will reduce the damage to your extraction system, so you won’t need to replace its filter as regularly.

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