Laser Cutting Paper & Laser Cutting Plastic
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engraved paper packaging

Flexible – Prototype Construction & Small Series:

Trotec laser machines are a flexible, easy-to-use tool for packaging design, including prototype construction, mass production as well as simple, small series production lines. Our lasers offer speed and flexibility while you work, maintaining all fine detail and detailed design elements in your applications. Impress your customers and competitors in the packaging industry!

One Laser, Countless Materials

Trotec gives you flexibility when shaping your selected materials – our systems can cut, perforate, groove, carve or form cut. Trotec machines are optimally suited for a wide range of materials, including paper, plastic, cardboard, coregulated cardboard and packaging films. This makes packaging varied, exciting and so much more than a simple cardboard box…


laser engraved paper packaging

“Why Trotec?”

One Machine – Countless Possibilities

Whether you’re processing cardboard, paperboard, plastic, foils or films… A laser cutting system is best suited for all your packaging needs. The laser offers additional benefits when used to cut foil and film especially, as it seals the edges as it works. Unlike a punch-press, the laser does not damage your material in any way at all. Corners will remain undamaged and contours will always be delicately and perfectly worked with the machine.

Quick, Easy & Flexible

When you decide to laser cut cardboard, paper or plastic, you open a wide range of new possibilities for your packaging construction business. Lasers are particularly well suited for processing the most delicate of materials, including paper and packaging films. This is because laser processing is a safe, non-contact activity, where the material is burnt or melted in a controlled manner. This will never affect the colour or texture of your original working materials.

Robust & Durable

Trotec laser cutting machines are built for extensive use over many years – and they should never need servicing! They have a particularly rugged design. Here at Trotec, we only use the best quality components, either produced by ourselves or other leading and trusted manufacturers. This ensures reliability and consistently high quality!

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