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UDI, or ‘Unique Device Identification’, must be displayed on all medical products. This is mostly for traceability purposes. By scanning the code, you should be able to read all the important information about the instrument, including the manufacturer’s name, reference number as well as the item’s expiration date. This will always ensure an error- and risk-free documentation and will help to ensure patient safety.

Laser markings are completely resistant to all acids, cleaners and bodily fluids. Because the surface structure of the instrument will remain unchanged when laser processed, the equipment will always be clean and sterile. Even if an implant is left inside the body for a long time, the materials from the label will never detach or harm a patient.

Materials Suitable for Laser Marking:

  • Titanium & Titanium Alloys
  • Stainless Steel
  • High-Alloy Steel
  • Coated Metals
  • Ceramic
  • Plastics (‘PEEK’ for Implants)


Application Examples for Medical Technology

Laser marking is standard in many areas of the medical industry already, thanks to the amazing benefits it can offer. The characteristics of medical devices are all found on the UDI or MDR (medical divide regulation) code. Marking these with a laser can save you time and money, while offering you a suitable, safe solution. Markings tend to include Data Matrix codes. These contain batch numbers, production dates, serial numbers, manufacturer information, production information and even markings that serve as very strict anti-counterfeiting measures.

  • Medical Instruments
  • Surgical Instruments
  • Orthopaedic / Trauma Surgery Implants
  • Plastic Cannulas
laser marked surgical scissors

“Why should I use a laser for marking medical instruments?”

Biocompatibility: Laser markings are completely resistant to acids, cleaners and bodily fluids. Because the surface of the material will always stay the same after laser processing, no germs will be able to generate in or on the instruments. Even if the implants will be remaining in the human body for a long period of time, there will be no way the marking can cause any harm.

Traceability: The marking contents will always be legible (electronically and physically), even after intense use and hundreds of cleaning processes. You will always be able to clearly track and identify your products.

Function and advantages of laser technology

Marking Content

  • Different markings on different materials can be created – there is no need to change tools
  • The marking requirements in medical technology can easily be met with flexible and intelligent software

Advantages of a Trotec laser

  • Smart & intuitive. The SpeedMark software can quickly and easily process data from existing ERP systems, reproducing dynamic contents into codes

Permanent Labelling

  • In the medical industry, instruments are cleaned constantly with harsh chemicals. Laser marks will not deteriorate over time
  • Laser markings are resistant to abrasions, heat, acid and bodily fluids

Advantages of a Trotec laser

  • Consultancy, sampling and application testing by the Trotec team on request
  • Our product portfolio includes suitable, maintenance-free fiber laser systems for almost any requirement
  • SpeedMark marking software that takes dynamic content from external systems and reproduces it in the form of text, numbers and codes

High Marking Quality

  • Lasers can create tiny, legible details and fonts with ease
  • Small and precise shapes can be accurately marked every single time
  • Combine your marking processes to clean the material prior to the marking, keeping your instruments sterile. You can produce a higher contrast this way

Advantages of a Trotec laser

  • Ideal optics and optimal beam performance because of the high-quality components
  • Camera-based component positioning for high precision


  • You can choose from a variety of different materials – titanium, stainless steel, high alloy steels, ceramics, plastic or even PEEK

Advantages of a Trotec laser

  • Product portfolio with fiber laser systems for almost any requirement, including a freestanding workstation, custom-built system or just some help with integrating your machine into a production line
  • Material database and parameter finder in the SpeedMark marking software will help find the correct laser parameters for all materials.

Quick Marking, High Output

  • You can mark at very high speeds, including serial numbers and codes
  • There is no need to change tools

Advantages of a Trotec laser

  • Intelligent and intuitive marking software
  • Fast and highly accurate positioning of components, thanks to the camera system: SpeedMark Vision - Smart Adjust
  • Easily integrate contents from ERP files

Non-Contact Processing

  • There is no need to firmly clamp down or fixate your materials
  • Save time and produce consistently great results

Advantages of a Trotec laser

  • We have a broad product portfolio, with the right laser system for any requirement
  • Highly accurate laser markings, even on your ‘first attempt’, thanks to camera-assisted positioning

Cost-Efficient Production

  • No set-up time with the laser, regardless of large or small quantities
  • Your tools will not wear out over time

Advantages of a Trotec laser 

  • The SpeedMarker has a maintenance-free fiber laser, and can be used as a laser workstation or even integrated into a production line
  • The robust mechanics of our laser systems have been designed to survive many years of intensive use with minimal servicing

Integration into Production Lines

  • Hardware and software can be integrated into existing production lines

Advantages of a Trotec laser 

  • Many years of experience integrating OEM galvo laser systems into production lines
  • Software that meets all requirements for interfaces with different systems

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