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Laser marking fruits and vegetables - Natural Branding


Every single day, more and more food is being laser marked - particularly so in the organic food sector. Natural branding, the direct marking of fruits and vegetables, is becoming increasingly crucial to distinguish organic foods from conventional fruits and vegetables. Additionally, laser marking is environmentally friendly, deeming plastic packaging pointless for many kinds of food. Ultimately, natural branding and food labelling not only makes distribution easier, but also allows you to apply logos and personalised labels quickly and easily. 

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Suitable Foods for Laser Marking

  • Organic Fruits (apples, bananas, pineapples, etc)
  • Organic Vegetables (cucumbers, squash, potatoes, etc)
  • Baked Goods
  • Meats & Sausages

You can naturally brand almost any food product you can think of. Direct labelling is contact-free, so the laser will have no impact on the quality, taste and shelf-life of the product.


Application Areas for Laser Marking Food

Environmentally Friendly Natural Branding (Organic Food):

Organic fruits and vegetables are one of the main items that are routinely marked with lasers. Direct labelling of fruits and vegetables eliminates the need for environmentally damaging plastic packaging, while still having the option for the manufacturer to display their logo. 

Labelling Food with Product Information:

When using laser technology, food can be directly marked with variable content quickly and easily. Food producers can add product information using text, numbers or codes, including the date, origin and harvest time of the product.

Food Marking for Advertising Purposes

You can mark almost any food imaginable - an apple can be labelled with a company logo; an Easter egg can be engraved with fun patterns; a loaf of bread can be decorated with the baker’s logo... You can continue advertising your company all the way til’ the food is eaten by the consumer! The possibilities are virtually endless!


"Why should I buy Trotec laser for marking food?"

Environmentally friendly, durable & flexible
Natural branding offers so many benefits for food manufacturers and retailers:

  • The marking is durable, unlike stickers that don't always adhere well and fall off easily.
  • With direct food labeling, no plastic packaging is needed – much to the delight of the environment and consumers!
  • All types of labeling is possible with a laser: logos, text, images, serial numbers, codes (including dynamic content).

Function & Advantages of Laser Technology

Permanent Marking

  • Using a laser to label food is the only possible direct marking method (natural branding)
  • Other labeling methods, such paper labels or stickers, do not adhere well, especially to foods with rough surfaces

Advantages of a Trotec laser

  • Product portfolio with laser systems that cover any and all applications
  • Flatbed systems with working areas of up to 726 x 432mm
  • SpeedMarker CL for integration into product lines
  • Special systems tailored to customer requirements (apple marking system already available)

Flexible & Dynamic Data

  • All types of information content can be lasered – including dynamic content, logos, photos, text, (serial) numbers, codes, barcodes, data matrix codes, QR codes, etc.

Advantages of a Trotec laser

  • Easy-to-use laser software (JobControl or SpeedMark)
  • When integrated into production plants, data from ERP systems can also be imported and used for marking (SpeedMark)

Quick Marking, More Throughput

  • Very fast marking, even of variable content
  • Food labelling with a variety of content is easy

Advantages of a Trotec laser

  • Extensive product portfolio, including entry-level machines all the way to automated systems
  • Intelligent, intuitive labelling software for easy operation
  • Can be integrated into production plants
  • Content from ERP files can be integrated

Environmentally friendly

  • Environmentally harmful packaging can be avoided
  • No labels / ink needed

Advantages of a Trotec laser

  • Many years of experience in the laser marking sector
  • Product portfolio that covers all requirements
  • Application expertise

Trotec Product Recommendations

Laser Engravers - Speedy Series

Speedy series: CO2 laser engraving and cutting machines for formats up to 1016 x 610mm

Product Details

SpeedMarker CL

The SpeedMarker CL (CO2 laser) is characterised by maximum speed and a laser power of up to 200 Watts.

Product details

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