Laser Cutters for Schools & Universities

Digital Fabrication of 3D Models, Industrial Design, Prototypes, Research & DIY Projects

Laser Systems for Education: Endless Applications for the Classroom!

Laser technology welcomes so many advantages and learning opportunities to schools, universities and FabLabs. Over time, we have revolutionised the classroom and offered exciting, new technology to utilise and learn about. Laser cutters for schools allow students to discover and try out new processing, create interesting prototypes, test and learn CAD/CAM programs, create models and slowly develop their imagination and creativity – turning bright ideas into reality! The skills that these students will learn while using our laser systems can then be carried out beyond the classroom and into their future career paths. A Trotec educational laser engraving machine will make learning feel fun at your school or university, attracting and resonating with the minds of tomorrow.

The amazing and inspiring designs that laser technology can offer are also ideal for product development in start-ups and small businesses, and are highly sought-after in FabLabs.

Suitable Materials for Laser Processing:

  • Acrylic
  • Film
  • Wood
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic
  • MDF
  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • PMMA
  • Polystyrene
  • Foam
  • Textiles

Various materials are used in digital production, including cardboard, paper, MDF, wood and acrylic. However, textiles, plastic, polystyrene and film can also be processed perfectly. It is not necessary to consider the diameter of the tool either, and depending on the lens used, the laser beam can be as small as 0.1mm wide. This means that basically any geometry can be cut or engraved using a laser.


Application Examples for Laser Cutting & Engraving in Education:

Being such a flexible tool, laser systems for education are suitable for test setups and prototypes. Drawings and designs can be sent directly from your CAD/graphics to the laser. In FabLabs and schools, Trotec laser machines are already being used for model making, industrial design, prototype construction and many DIY ideas.


  • Schools
  • Universities
  • FabLabs
  • Maker Spaces
  • Laser Physics


  • Prototype Construction
  • Test Setups
  • Research Projects
  • Industrial Design
  • Digital Production of 3D Models
  • DIY Projects
  • Art Projects
  • Design Projects

“Why invest in a laser engraving / laser cutting machine?”

You can do almost anything with a laser – the sky is your only limit!

Trotec is the only company to have designed a laser engraving and cutting machine specifically for educational purposes. The laser machine is the universally recognised tool for digital production. Considering the variety of materials that are processed in educational establishments, they can still easily produce the highest qualities and finest geometries every time. Laser processing gives users the freedom and flexibility to develop and implement ideas. In just a few process steps, imagination can be turned into reality with the help of a Trotec laser machine.

Function & Advantages of Laser Technology

One Tool for All Geometries

  • Milling requires a separate tool head, depending on the material, geometry and material thickness. However, the laser beam is a universally flexible tool

Advantages of a Trotec laser

  • Depending on the lens used, the laser beam can be as small as 0.1mm wide. This gives you the ability to cut or mark the smallest and finest geometries

Maximum Flexibility

  • The CO2 laser source is suited for engraving and cutting almost any material. However, the fiber laser is the perfect tool for marking metals and plastic.c.

Advantages of a Trotec laser

  • Speedy flexx laser machines: CO2 and Fiber laser source in the one machine!

Fine Tool

  • Small fonts and finest details can be engraved with ease

Advantages of a Trotec laser

  • High-quality optics and the best beam quality

Easy Digital Manufacturing

  • Designs are created in your preferred graphics program and sent to the laser using the ‘print’ command
  • Time-consuming programming is no longer required

Advantages of a Trotec laser

  • JobControl® laser software: JobHistory and JobTime Calculator make it easy to plan jobs, expenses and billing
  • ‘Lock mode’ for laser parameters is adjustable, so that your preferred parameters can’t be changed retrospectively

No Tool Wear

  • The laser beam will not ware due to material processing
  • No need to buy replacement tools over time

Advantages of a Trotec laser

  • CeramiCore laser sources have a particularly long service life

Non-Contact Processing

  • No need to fix or stick materials to the laser bed
  • Material will not warp while being processed

Advantages of a Trotec laser

  • Multi-functional table concept for easy handling
"Our Trotec Laser has significantly enhanced our ability to facilitate state of the art training to Signage apprentices. The Trotec team have extensive product knowledge & have effectively solved any issues we have encountered. We have been extremely happy with our purchase."
- Paul Richards - Head Teacher – Signage, Painting & Decorating at Sydney TAFE (Ultimo, Sydney)​ -

Trotec product recommendation

Tips for Using Laser Systems for Education

“At universities or in schools and FabLabs, many different operators often work on the same laser machine. Can this become a problem?”

Not at all! The JobControl® laser software supports you with JobHistory and JobTime Calculator. This means that it is very easy to find an old job. The ‘lock mode’ for specific laser parameters can’t be changed retrospectively, meaning all users can find the exact same programs as they may have used in the past, without the fear that someone has tampered with their settings.

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