Laser engraving awards and trophies

Laser engraving prizes

trophy engraving with laser

You can easily personalise recognition awards, trophies, prizes or cases with Trotec laser engraving machines. Mark or cut any design imaginable, including text, logos, images and crisp photographs. You’ll impress your clients with detailed designs and clear-cut edges – no additional processing required!

Materials suitable for laser engraving

  • Acrylic and Plexiglas®
  • Acrylic films
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Rubber
  • Marble/stone
  • Leather
  • Metals
  • Plastics
  • Textiles


Application for laser engraved trophies

With smart and versatile Trotec laser systems, creating individual trophies and personalised prizes has never been so easy.

Application examples:

  • Award engraving
  • Trophies
  • Medal engraving
  • Laser engraving plaques
  • Business awards
  • Commemorative plaques
  • Commemorative plate engraving
  • Signs
  • Keychains
sign keepsake laser engraving

"Why should I buy a laser for trophy engraving?"

Trotec lasers are always ready for use, even for a quick or urgent job. Non-contact processing saves a lot in tool and grinding costs, ensuring you turn over the best profit possible – and this is harder to achieve with a milling cutter. Meet any requirement by using the flexibility of laser technology to offer additional services, such as personalisation and individual packaging.

Advantages of Trotec Laser technology

Consistent quality

  • Recurring materials and jobs are stored in a materials database
  • Perfect results for every job
  • Uncomplicated post production

 Advantages of a Trotec laser

  • JobControl® laser software materials database

Always have costs and time in your sight

  • With the engraving time calculator, you can calculate the estimated engraving and cutting duration before you even start the laser. This helps in your production planning and the calculation of your engraving and cutting costs.
  • In addition, the Trotec software tracks your completed jobs; as a result, post-processing calculations are also a breeze.

 Advantages of a Trotec laser

  • JobControl® laser software: Simply intuitive.

Profitable Engraving

  • Cost effective customisation means you’ll save money

Advantages of a Trotec laser

  • Speedy series: The fastest laser engravers available on the market with a maximum engraving speed of 3.55m/sec and an acceleration of 5g

Non-Contact Processing

  • No need to hold materials to the bed (like milling cutters), saving you valuable time
  • The material will not warp

Advantages of a Trotec laser

  • Multifunctional table concept for quick and easy handling

Maximum Flexibility

  • Various materials, such as laser cut acrylic, glass, aluminium, plastic, wood, textiles, leather, marble and metal can be processed with one single device. No time-consuming preparatory work required

Advantages of a Trotec laser

  • Speedy flexx series: Two laser sources in a single device - there is no need to manually change the laser source, lens or focus

Simple Digital Manufacturing

  • Designs can be created in your own, preferred graphics program and sent to the machine via the print command
  • Time-consuming programming is not required

Advantages of a Trotec laser

  • JobControl® laser software: simple, efficient and intuitive

Fine Tools

  • Perfect and precise shapes can be cut every time

Advantages of a Trotec laser

  • Ideal optics and optimal beam quality, every time

No Tool Wear

  • No wear of the laser beam over time due to material processing
  • No costs for new tools, which can be common for milling cutters

Advantages of a Trotec laser

  • CeramiCore laser technology, has a particularly long service life

"I bought a Trotec to replace an old laser. The Trotec was not the cheapest laser - however the ROI was enough benefit to cover the initial upfront price difference. Also, Trotecs support level is fantastic. Trotec lasers are serious machines that are very fast and easy to use. It only takes hours to learn the Rayjet software, and the interface is very user friendly."
- Ian Stuart - manager at Trophy Superstore -
"I purchased a Trotec laser because of all the time it will save me, the pricing structure, the great offer provided, the affordability, the ease of use and the service offered by the professional and courteous staff – it all made it hard to resist! I would recommend Trotec lasers because they are quiet, compact and affordable. Trotec lasers are easier to operate compared to other equipment."
- Shane Board - owner of Triumph Trophies -
"I chose Trotec because all great engraving businesses use Trotec lasers. I thrive on quality control and Trotec allows that. I would recommend a Trotec because the name says it all – Speedy! The Trotec is faster and much more efficient in all aspects when compared to other processes and technology."
- Greg Putt - owner of Above All Trophies -

Trotec product recommendation

Tips for laser engraving trophy cups

"Can metal be engraved with a CO2 laser?"

When laser etching metal with a CO2 laser, it is necessary to apply a paste or spray – which then must dry before the laser process begins. The marking is then burned into the metal with the laser. Once this process is complete, the paste residue must be washed off.

For this operation, a fair amount of energy is required from the machine. Therefore, the laser must be moved at an appropriately low speed. A sharp-contrast finish can be achieved on some metals by utilising this process, but it should be noted that not all metals are suitable for paste/spray marking. It should also be noted that these pastes and sprays are very expensive, and the process is time consuming and slow.

However, metal can be marked directly with a Trotec Fiber laser. A clear distinction is made between engraving, annealing marking, and coating ablation.  

Machines from the Speedy Flexx series are equipped with a CO2 and Fiber laser. Using both engraving laser sources in a single job, without having to manually change any settings, makes work simple, easy and much quicker. The patented JobControl® laser software makes it possible: Simply assign the desired laser source to each colour of the graphic, and you’re ready to go.

Acrylic is not the same as acrylic?

Acrylic can be laser-engraved and -cut. The slightly more expensive cast acrylic (“gs”) enables crystal-clear cut edges and white engraving. However, in order to obtain a quality cut, the speed should be reduced. As a rule of thumb, a minimum of 10 W of laser power should be applied per mm of material thickness for a high-quality cut in one run. Laser cutting of extruded acrylic (“ex”) also produces crystal clear edges, but with a small burr. Extruded acrylic requires less laser power for cutting, but it is rather difficult to engrave. Acrylic is prone to flaming if the gases caused by the laser process are not removed efficiently; a high-performance exhaust system is therefore essential. Furthermore, the laser-engraving machine must never run without supervision.