Trotec lasers for Education

Published on: 06/22/2017

What Trotec means to you

  • CE certification.
  • Installed in over 3000 schools, TAFE and universities world-wide.
  • Trotec is dedicated to safety. Our EDU lasers are certified and feature temperature sensors, vacuum tables, integrated software-controlled air assist, automatic extraction, multiple interlocks and safety training ensuring safe operation at all times.
  • The biggest innovator in the industry - starting students off on the right foot to stay ahead of the pack.
  • Software designed to educate with a simple step-by-step approach.
  • Rental machine(s) for peak periods available.
  • Built with quality - ceramic tubes designed to last years and don't require water chillers - No need to keep glass tubes in stock!
  • Built to perform to the demanding needs of the class room.
  • Covers all aspects of the STEM curriculum; Trotec lasers are used in hospitality, home economics, information technology, arts and sciences and entrepreneur programs.
  • 10 year warranty available for easy budgeting

Producing industry ready, transferable skills for world-wide applications

Expand your curriculum offering in the fields of model making, electronics, sign writing, home economics and hopsitality, design, woodworking, fashion, entrepreneur programs and more!

Long Life CeramiCore Laser Sources

Trotec laser systems are equipped with a new line of CO2 laser sources from the US-based manufacturer Iradion Laser, Inc. The innovative and patented laser source concept stands for reliability, high engraving quality and longevity. The resonator body where the laser radiation is generated is made of 100% ceramic. This is unique in the industry. Ceramic lasers can be operated at much greater pressures resulting in faster pulse speeds, which in turn are critical for high speed engraving and marking applications. Laser users can benefit from highest engraving quality.

Designed and Manufactured in Austria

Trotec was established in 1992 to focus exclusively on the needs of laser engraving, cutting and industrial marking markets. Trotec lasers are designed and manufactured in Austria. Since its launch, Trotec has received numerous innovation awards and ISO 9001 and ISO 140001 certification ensuring Trotec meets the highest standards both in quality and its environmental footprint. Trotec is a leader in innovation, producing high specification laser machines to make customers more profitable by increasing productivity and improving quality.

We have your back!

The warranty can be extended up to a massive 10 years with the unique Trotec Protection Plan

We are local - get the support when you need it!

Trotec laser is the only laser manufacturer with local locations right across Australia. With local service and technical support from our factory trained staff capable of assisting with onsite service and training.

All Air-Cooled

The Speedy and Rayjet series are air-cooled - no need for chiller accessories.

Interlock Safety

Safety is our number one priority. Interlocks help ensure the safer operation of the laser machine and the operator.

Safety First

All of our lasers are CE certified, meeting the highest Australian and International quality standards.

Easy upgrading

As long as your machine is maintained as per the machines operating manual Trotec guarantees to buyback your machine for easy upgrades purposes

Commercial Grade Software

The Trotec laser software supports you perfectly for handling your engraving and cutting jobs. A variety of useful and intelligent features make your work easier: eg bi-directional communication, job time calculator or the iOS  App Trotec laser remote. The open software architecture allows you to work in your usual graphics or Windows programs (eg Corel Draw, Photoshop, Illustrator). You then send the layout via print driver to the laser machine.

InPack Technology

For a high-quality engraving and cutting result the perfect function of the axis is most important. The axis is protected by the InPack Technology. Consequently guide components are perfectly protected against dust. This guarantees years of trouble-free processing, even under intensive use.

Atmos Compatible

While simple extraction systems such as fans clear out the laser cabinet, they are not tailor-made for the laser process and certainly less environmentally friendly. A suitable and powerful filter system can make all the difference for the safe and flexible operation of any laser machine. Trotec Atmos filter systems are designed for and work fully automated with any Trotec laser. The automatic flow control ensures a constant air-flow throughout the cabinet at any time. All features are fully controlled by the JobControl software including automatic shutdown, adjustable start-up and cool-down periods as well as filter saturation indicators.

Multifunctional Table Concept

Depending on the application the ideal working table can be selected and changed easily and quickly. You can choose between a cutting table, an engraving vacuum table, an aluminium or acrylic cutting table, or honeycomb table top.

Flexx Technology

Our Speedy range of flexx laser machines are equipped with both a CO2 and a fiber laser source. Depending on the material the two laser sources are activated alternately. The Patented flexx function allows you to perform endless applications in the one process step.

Sonar Technology

Brand new focus mode based on ultrasonic sensors for highest accuracy.

Wide-range of laserable consumables available

Visit and view the huge range of laserable consumables on offer, including our very own TroLase laminates. Other materials available include a large range of acrylic, wood, anodised aluminium and much more!