Trotec Open House Events

Published on: 03/23/2017

Visit our open house events and expand your knowledge and range of services

Continually expanding your range of products and services is a fantastic way to future-proof your business and most importantly GROW IT.

Trotec's leading range of laser engravers, backed by its ever expanding range of consumables, provides you with the best tools to innovate more and take your business further than before.

We would like to invite you to our upcoming Open House event where not only will you get the opportunity to see these machines in action, but talk to industry experts in laser engraving, marking and cutting. Also, browse our extensive showroom of samples for inspiration and try our range of consumables, to see how they can benefit your business.


  • one-on-one demonstrations with our laser experts who have many years experience in the laser industry
  • FREE training to our laser customers
  • training with our extensive range of laser materials
  • hundreds of laser samples in our showroom - we know from experience these have sparked many new business ideas
  • our machines in action - there is no other laser supplier in Australia or New Zealand that offers the opportunity to see so many working machines under one roof

Click here to view our upcoming events calendar to see when the next open house is happening near you!

Our open house events run every month, from each of our showrooms:
NSW: 23B Rodeo Road Gregory Hills
NZ: 4-6 De Leeuw Place, Hamilton NZ (Trophy Wholesalers)
QLD: 23-24/20 Ellerslie Road Meadowbrook
VIC: 9/180 Fairbairn Road Sunshine West
WA: 1/40 Ledgar Road Balcatta

Our extensive range of laser engravers

Trotec features an extensive range of machines, all various shapes and sizes suitable for a variety of applications.

The Speedy series of flatbed lasers, available in both CO2 and fiber or combined as a flexx, has bed sizes ranging from 610x305mm to 1000x610mm.

The SP series specifically designed for large format CO2 cutting, available in sizes ranging from 1245 x 710 to a mammoth 2210x3210mm.

The ProMarker and SpeedMarker series offer high speed marking on a range of plastics and metals - these galvos are ideal for metal and part marking and are available in a variety of sizes to suit your production needs.

Explore our consumables range and get creative!

Our open house events are the perfect opportunity to explore our showroom consumables displays. You will be inspired with innovative ways to create eye-catching displays and products of your own using our range of consumable materials.

Visit our consumables website