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Choosing Your Laser System – Where to Start?

Published on: 02/08/2018 Author: Suraya Diamond-Coorey

Customisation and personalisation are extremely popular today – everyone wants their names engraved on something – including smartphones, glassware and unique wedding décor. One of the best ways to personalise products is by utilising the benefits of laser technology, and for many businesses, a Trotec laser machine specifically.

You won’t believe the possibilities that will open for you when you invest in a Trotec, even if you only plan on working part-time or on the side! Potential customers can be found everywhere – gift shops, restaurants, breweries and even large companies with inventory marking needs. Trotec will help you to turn imagination into reality with the click of a button – the sky is your only limit with laser technology!

So, Which System?

Trotec manufactures and sells a wide range of laser engraving machines, all with different functions and used for different purposes.

What to Consider?

The first thing you’ll need to consider when purchasing a laser machine is – “What laser source do I need – CO2, fiber, or both?”

The CO2 system is extremely versatile, working on a wide variety of materials. This includes wood, acrylic, rubber, plastic, leather, fabric, paper and much more! However, there are some materials that cannot be cut with the CO2 system, but can be engraved – including glass, stone and coated metals. Bare metal can only be marked if it’s coated, otherwise you need to apply a special marking solution.

Fiber systems on the other hand, are optimised specifically for metal marking and engraving. These machines are ideal for industrial marking – a less ‘creative’ market than gifts and personalisation, but it returns a high profit!

Multifunctional Table Concept

Inside the machine, there is a table that will hold your workpiece in place while laser processing. Trotec offers a wide variety of table sizes and functions to suit your application. The best way to select the right one is to closely consider the material and items that you will be working with – what are you creating? How large is your material? You’ll want to consider your production space, because larger tables do require larger machines – you certainly don’t want to order a table that doesn’t fit in your machine!

Follow the link provided to read all about Trotec’s available tables, and you can start thinking about what will suit your applications the best.

Multifunctional Table Concept


There are a lot of different accessories you can purchase alongside the laser machine, to help you and your creative ventures! One of the most popular add-ons is our rotary engraving attachment, allowing you to engrave cylindrical, conical and spherical items. Remember, you don’t have to commit to lots of different accessories as soon as you buy the machine – you can always add them later!

Follow the link provided to read all about Trotec’s available accessories, and you can start thinking about what will suit your application the best.


System Wattage

Basically, more wattage will mean you will be able to cut through thicker materials and engrave much quicker. Please keep in mind that a higher wattage system will cost you a little bit more initially, but it will make it easier to produce many pieces with a speedier turnaround. This will quickly offset the additional cost!


You need to remember that the price of a machine is a testament to it’s quality. A larger, more versatile and powerful machine will initially cost you more, but it will also enable you to complete more work quicker, offering you a higher profit margin. When you consider purchasing a laser machine, make sure you consider the future of your business, not just its current state. If you hope to grow and expand, a laser machine will help you do that.

Training & Support

Trotec shines above its competitors due to the constant and ongoing support we offer our customers throughout the life of their business. When you buy a machine, you are not simply becoming one of our customers – you are also becoming part of our Trotec family. We want to see you succeed and grow in the future, so we will always be a simple phone call away! We have open house events once a month, so you can always drop in and receive a little extra training. You can also visit the Trotec Website for any FAQs or Tips & Tricks, or even the Trotec Facebook page to get in touch with our friendly laser experts.

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But… Why Trotec?

Hopefully by now, you’ll be able to see all the positives that come with purchasing a laser machine. It’s a proactive way to stay in front of your competition and truly become a one-stop-shop for all breeds of customers. Not to mention, laser crafting is an amazingly fun way to earn a little extra money – you’ll very quickly see the art of laser processing.

But, why would you purchase a laser machine from Trotec when there are plenty of cheaper laser options on the market?

Well, as stated before, the price of Trotec’s machines reflect their quality – you won’t find a more consistent and reliable machine. Cheap systems are often just that: cheap. So, we urge you to look very carefully at all the technical specifications of any other model you are thinking about buying. Other systems may have lower wattages, utilise different ‘laser tubes’ and may not have available support.

Trotec, however, offer intelligent, safe and high-quality machines, all developed and manufactured in Austria. We are constantly setting new and impressive standards in the laser industry, servicing customers in over 90 countries and employing over 500 members of staff across the globe. All Trotec machines are industry-level quality with minimal maintenance requirements.

On top of all that, we have even developed an extensive range of laser and rotary materials, including TroLase, TroPly, TroGlass and laser-safe wood – all of which have been specifically designed for laser manufacturing. So, we not only sell you your machines, but we will continue to be your materials supplier in the future as well!

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Okay! Where do I sign up!?

You are always free to get in contact with us here at Trotec. We are always excited and ready to help you on your road to a prospering, dominating business. Don’t be a stranger!

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