The benefits of galvo fiber lasers in high-production environments

Published on: 09/28/2017

A galvo fiber laser offers maximum flexibility and highest productivity producing permanent marking for many applications and industries.

Below is just a small sample of the vast uses of a fiber laser:
• Traceability - barcodes & serial numbers
• Branding - logos & company information
• Mark a range of plastics - ABS, polycarbonate, polyamide, PMMA
• Adjusts to geometries including cylindrical objects
• Generates variable data
• Detailed permanent markings

At our September Open House in Hamilton, New Zealand, we will explore the power a fiber laser, specifically a high-speed marking laser, with Trotec offers. Learn about the range of Trotec fiber and galvo high-speed marking lasers, see them in action and even bring in your own material for testing so you can compare your current production method with a fiber laser from Trotec.

When: Thursday 28 September
Where: Trotec Hamilton - 4-6 DeLeeuw Place Hamilton 3200
Time: All day by appointment

To book your appointment please call Fran on 0800 TROTEC or contact us via our website.

The Trotec fiber laser range

• Speedy fibre lasers - 100, 300, 360 and 400
• ProMarker Series - 100, 300
• SpeedMarker Series - 100, 300, 700 and 1300
• 10 - 50 watt
• Air cooled
• Speedy fibre lasers are flexx ready - upgrade to include CO2 laser source
• Stand alone or integrated/production line systems
• Full range in stock

View the full range of Trotec laser machines

On Display: ProMarker 300

• Compact high-speed desktop workstation
• Industrial laser marking on minimal footprint
• Safe laser Class 2 system
• 10-20 watt fiber laser
• Maximum working area of 180 x 180 mm
• Laser software: DirectMark
• Ideal for marking metal and plastic parts including promotional articles, gifts and dataplates
• 100% designed and manufactured in Austria

Explore the ProMarker Series

On Display: SpeedMarker 300

• Compact high-speed industrial marking laser
• 10 - 50 watt fiber laser
• Safe laser class 2 system
• Maximum working area of 190 x 190 mm
• Used for marking plastics and metal along the industrial production chain
• Laser software: SpeedMark which can communicate with external systems - designed for automated marking processes

Explore SpeedMarker Series

On Display: SpeedMarker 1300

• Large format galvo laser workstation
• 10 - 50 watt fiber laser
• Available with MOPA laser source
• Maximum working area of 1120 x 635 mm (larger than Speedy 400)
• Safe laser class 2 system
• Marking of large and heavy parts or high volume parts in trays
• Highest flexibility due to software controlled X- and Y- axis

Watch the SpeedMarker