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New Options for the SpeedMarker Series

A whole new range of options are now available for Trotec's SpeedMarker Series.

Published on: 01/23/2018 Author: Bernd Kerbl

New Options for the SpeedMarker Series

There is now, a whole new range of options available for the SpeedMarker series. Now that these newly introduced functions and features have been successfully implemented in selected customer projects, they are officially available for the SpeedMarker FL OEM laser machines. 

100 Watt MOPA Laser

The SpeedMarker Fiber laser machines are now available with significantly more power. The 100-Watt laser source was successfully tested late last year in collaboration with some of our industrial customers. It is now available for purchase in the series. This means you can easily be more efficient, since higher performance means faster processing. It also means you can achieve much shorter cycle times for traditional marking, and deep metal engraving can be done quicker than before. Particularly in industries where robust and durable marking is required, the higher laser power will benefit your company very quickly. This can include work in the automotive industry, aircraft industry, machining technology, mining and many more related industrial sectors. 

More Power - Proven MOPA Technology

With the recent introduction of the 100-Watt laser source, we can now rely on the proven MOPA technology. With adjustable pulse durations, the laser can offer you a wider range of application options, ultimately making it the perfect machine for marking and engraving metals and plastic. Of course, all the advantages of a conventional fiber laser apply to the MOPA lasers; maintenance-free, longevity, air-cooled, stable performance and high-efficiency. This new and improved laser source is available for the SpeedMarker 700 and the SpeedMarker 1300, as well as the SpeedMarker OEM and FL. To set up every single application appropriately, five different optics and marking fields are available for your consideration.

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Wide-Opening Door for Laser Workstations

Additionally, there is a very high lift gate for the larger workstations, including the SpeedMarker 700 and 1300. Among other things, this makes it easier to install the rotary unit 2 into the laser machines. The large, wide-opening safety door allows ideal accessibility to the working area when manually loading your machine. Despite the high-opening front of the machine, a normal room height of 2.40 metres is sufficient for your machine.

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