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New Update for the SpeedMark Marking Software

Published on: 07/24/2017

New Update For The SpeedMark Marking Software

This year's release of the marking software 'SpeedMark' has seen some customer requirements fulfilled as well as further user-friendly improvements carried out by our software developers. Since the end of July, the new SpeedMark 3.8 has been readily available.

Improved User Friendliness

Improvements regarding user-friendliness were our primary focus of this recent update. 2D segmentation was significantly revised and we worked toward improving it tenfold. Now, you have a complete overview of the entire marking area available to you whenever you want, where the individual contents are divided into single marking segments. With the teaching function for ‘axles’, you can now select the current position in the command. Ultimately, you can view the planned marking time that SpeedMark estimates from the laser parameters and line-distances per object.

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Optimisation of the Material Database

The clarity of the materials database has also been improved - you can now arrange the parameters alphabetically. Additionally, if you have selected an object, you can skip to the relevant parameter immediately. 

New Functions in the Graphics Field

Within the graphics field, you can move objects around using the arrow keys. Meanwhile, selected objects can be fixated to prevent unwanted shifting while processing. The line width is also now displayed correctly in the graphics field. You can individually configure and adapt the array function simply and easily.

Boarder Marking & Cleaning Function

The best part about boarder marking (displaying the object to be marked by pilot laser) has been expanded! Radial texts are now also displayed correctly, facilitating positioning considerably. The cleaning function also adapts to round or cylindrical objects now. Additionally, the cleaning function allows you to change the fill-line spacing for this 'cleaning process'.

New Software, Proven Quality

Additionally, some features were added just to simplify the technical support (log files, direct TeamViewer, etc) of the software. The newer functions and features are now available for any marking purpose with the SpeedMarker series (fiber and MOPA lasers) as well as for laser systems in the GS series.

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