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Reproducible Stainless Steel Annealing Colours

Published on: 07/24/2017

Reproducible Annealing Colours on Stainless Steel

Since launching our MOPA Lasers, many customers have chosen to purchase a SpeedMarker marking laser with this laser source. The main reason this decision was made, in many cases, is because of the ability to produce annealing colours on stainless steel. These customers are from many different market segments as well, in many different countries - including North America, Australia and all-around Europe.

  • Kitchen manufacturers are producing their logos in colour on stainless steel appliances
  • Knife makers are decorating their products with colourful designs and logos
  • Many engravers and job-shops have been able to expand their product portfolios thanks to these new, colourful possibilities
  • Stainless steel processors are standing out against their competition with these new colour markings
  • And there are many customers who simply want the option to mark in colour, just because they can!

"How can colours be marked on stainless steel?"

Annealing colours are superficial colourations on stainless steel, resulting from heat. The ability to generate these colours with a laser has been possible for a while now, and is always being scientifically investigated and improved upon. Today, it is easy to mark exact colours again and again, with perfect results every time. This is done with MOPA lasers, which are powerful and fast, but also give you the option to select your pulse durations. The laser parameters can be tuned very precisely, so that marking your desired colours can be quick, easy and trouble-free - and you'll always have perfect, high-quality results. 

A large focal length (and large spot diameter) along with small filling line distances mean that the annealing colours can all be generated directly in focus. Thanks to these small filling line distances, colour marking by tempering takes a somewhat long time. 

Different Alloys = Different Laser Parameters

Depending on the alloy you are using, the stainless steel will react differently. So, the laser parameters need to be redefined for every stainless-steel grade. Some annealing colours can work with different materials quite well, while others may need to be redefined for every single job. Some alloys will make it hard to achieve consistent, beautiful colours. Due to these fickle results in annealing, we recommend sampling the application every time you do something new. Using the parameter finder, which you can find in the SpeedMark labelling software, and a little bit of trial and error, parameters can be found and established. 

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Even Multi-Colour Logos are Easy to Implement

With our user-friendly software SpeedMark, logos can be produced from a wide variety of import formats. You only need to remember that each colour will be mapped in a separate layer. This will allow the right laser parameter to be assigned to each colour. 

SpeedMarker Marking Laser

Since late 2016, all our SpeedMarker laser systems have been available with MOPA laser sources. Depending on your application, you can choose from laser workstations in differing sizes, a table marking station or even an open, laser class four system.

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One Laser... So Many Possibilities

Reproducing colours on stainless steel is only one example of an MOPA laser's abilities. Even when marking black on aluminium or processing plastic, this laser will always out-perform the conventional fiber laser machines.

More possibilities for laser marking

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