Laser Cutting: On the Rise

“A Game Changer”

Published on: 01/24/2018 Author: Suraya Diamond-Coorey

It’s time the blade stepped aside and shared the spotlight with the laser…

The days of cutting and crafting solely with blades are coming to an end. Laser cutting machines are slowly stepping out of the shadows and into the spotlight as the much-needed ‘big brother’ to the blade. It’s a game changer, and Trotec is a proud supplier of this revolutionary technology.

As it so happens, laser cutting offers many advantages over traditional blades. It is a contactless process, and the lack of a physical tool means that there are much fewer parts that will ever need replacing. It’s a consistent technology, determined by precise mathematical and scientific equations programmed into the machine – they are incredibly smart!

"Being contactless really reduces set-up time quite drastically for the operator, and allows you to engrave as well as cut"
- Reece Moore - Managing Director of Trotec Laser Australia & New Zealand -

Safe Lasers

Trotec boasts a large range of powerful, impressive laser engraving machines. But aside from being so intelligent, Trotec machines are also among the safest engravers you will ever work with. The operator will always be optimally protected due to the sealed-off design of the Laser Safety-Class-2 machines. Even the SP2000 and SP3000 machines, with open access to the working area on all four sides, are always reliably safe for you and your team. The only time a Trotec laser will become unsafe or unreliable is when it is operated incorrectly or carelessly. Remember, you need to show these machines respect! Always ensure you and your team have received appropriate training, or make sure the user is being supervised by a trained member of your staff.

Here at Trotec, we manufacture different types of laser machines, all of which can engrave, mark and cut a broad range of materials. These include leather, acrylic, rubber, wood and metal. This diverse application range makes laser technology an increasingly attractive choice for many businesses. Ultimately, it’s the flexibility of Trotec laser machines that has aided in Trotec’s international growth and recognition over the last 20 years. And we don’t predict there will be much slowing down anytime soon!

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