Architectural Graduate Exhibition, 2017

Wilkinson Building, 148 City Road, University of Sydney | 30th November 2017

Published on: 11/19/2017 Author: Suraya Diamond-Coorey

Here at Trotec, we are very excited to be part of the University of Sydney’s Architectural Graduate Exhibition. Helping and being involved in shaping the minds of tomorrow is a great passion of ours, and the Architecture Graduate Exhibition is the perfect example of an event we are proud to continually sponsor. We are very impressed with the unwavering dedication and enormous achievements of these inspirational students, and I’m sure we will continue to be blown away by the minds of tomorrow again and again in the future.

The exhibition showcases the work of graduating students from the Master of Architecture, the Bachelor of Design in Architecture and the Bachelor of Architecture & Environments. The work that will be on display will include models, drawings, digital fabrications and multimedia installations – all promoting the intellectual, technical and socially responsible explorations of the next generation of architects and designers. Together, we will celebrate the imagination, creativity and sheer effort of the graduating students from the School of Architecture, Design and Planning.

“Architecture – a tool of community transformation”

- Professor John Redmond Dean, School of Architecture, Design & Planning

Trotec has been a part of Sydney Uni’s School of Architecture, Design & Planning for a while now. Trotec is the only laser brand in the department, including three SP1500s as well as a Speedy 360. Laser technology is extremely helpful and important for architectural design due to a laser machine’s ability to cut intricately and precisely every single time. The cuts are always clean, and no subsequent post-processing is required.

The main materials used in architectural model making include things like wood, card and paper – which can all be processed using a CO2 laser machine. However, the sky is your only limit when it comes to model making. Trotec’s Flexx machines offer a CO2 laser source alongside a Fiber laser source, so heftier materials like metal can be processed using our innovative and smart machines. Therefore, we have proudly supported Sydney Uni’s aspiring architects for many years – we want to give them the best tools possible to achieve their dreams!

So, on the 30th November, join us in celebrating these amazing students at the Architectural Graduate Exhibition.

Architectural Graduate Exhibition

Lasers & Architectural Model Making