Trotec Presents the Latest in Dynamic 3D Laser Marking

Easy, Fast and High Quality Marking in 3D with the world’s most productive virtual rotary

Published on: 04/26/2021

We herewith present a unique software release of SpeedMark that includes the most efficient virtual rotary engraving possible. With maximum throughput in the shortest of time frames, not only is marking on cylindrical shapes made possible, but even 3D shapes such as tilted planes, balls and bowls and tubes can also be processed.

Most productive virtual rotary

The new release of SpeedMark Software enables high speed distortion-free marking of cylindrical objects. e.g. promotional items such as drink bottles. Multiple objects can easily be marked in the workstation in just a single run, reducing costs due to the highly efficient workflow with no additional rotary system hardware required. Simple positioning of applications in cost efficient jigs leads to the highest production throughput in the shortest time frame.

Easy, fast and high quality marking on pre-defined 3D shapes

The new 3D Software capabilities of SpeedMark 4.2 utilises the Speedmarker DS (dynamic shifter) as a high quality laser marker for 3D objects. Marking of tilted planes, balls, bowls, cylinders and tubes can be marked quickly and easily, even if the shape contains different diameters. This can be carried out on multiple objects in a single run, resulting in maximum productivity.

SpeedMark marking software

SpeedMarker software is standard on all SpeedMarker lasers. With its already well known features, including the unique graphical user interface which allows for quick and easy process improvements, has now just got better with the new 3D option.

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