May Specials: Wood, Paper and Promotional Items

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Published on: 04/30/2020

During May 2020 we are offering the following special deals on consumable products:

Wood - BUY 9, GET 1 FREE

This includes Solid Wood, Veneer Wood, MDF, Poplar Plywood, Balsa, TroCraft Eco packs and Laser Cork packs.

Paper - 20% discount on all paper packs

This includes metallic paper, wood paper, solid colour paper, white laserable paper and paper sample packs.

Promotional Items 

BUY 9, GET 1 FREE - insulated drink bottles and photo frames.

BUY 5, GET 1 FREE - linen and PU leather notebooks.

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Tips & Tricks for Laser Processing Wood

Here we present useful tips and tricks for laser cutting and laser engraving wood such as suitable wood types for laser processing, cleaning and determining the optimal parameters. In addition we show you can constantly improve your processing results.

Tips & tricks

Tips & Tricks for Working with Paper

Trotec laser machines are the perfect tool for processing paper and cardboard items. You can create your own greeting cards, refine book covers, design table decorations or DIY packaging with a beautiful pattern when laser cutting or engraving. We have assembled helpful tips for laser cutting and laser engraving of paper and paper products.

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DIY Tutorial: Laser Cut and Engraved Corkboard

In this DIY tutorial we show you how to create your own laser cut and engraved corkboard using LaserCork (available from Trotec). Use the free template provided as a guide, or customise the design to suit your needs. The choice is yours!

LaserCork DIY Tutorial