Upgrading Your Laser Machine

Here are 5 simple reasons to upgrade your laser…

Published on: 11/19/2018 Author: Suraya Diamond-Coorey

1. Speed

Trotec lasers are some of the fastest laser engraving, cutting and marking machines in the industry. With speeds up to 355mm/sec, you can see why upgrading your laser to a Trotec can seriously increase your productivity. You don’t have to worry about sacrificing quality for even the most precise and complicated jobs either – Trotec lasers are known for their reliability, consistency and high-quality.

2. Ceramic Laser Source

Trotec’s CeramiCore laser sources are the best option for laser life and longevity. Available from Trotec, they allow the user to upgrade to a higher laser power while maintaining top engraving quality. Even sensitive material will react beautifully to Trotec ceramic lasers. CeramiCore laser sources are also very energy efficient, saving up to 30% of power when compared to metal or glass laser sources.

3. New Capabilities

Expanding your production capabilities by adding different laser options is a great way to open your business up to increased customers and profits. Upgrading your regular Speedy machine to a Speedy Flexx will grant you access to both a CO2 and a fiber laser source within the one machine. This gives you the engraving and cutting capabilities of a CO2 machine, as well as the metal processing capabilities of a fiber machine. Trotec’s Flexx technology also allows you to switch between these two laser sources without having to manually change any settings. Unlimited possibilities await you at the click of a button!

4. Larger Bed Sizes

Upgrading to a larger bed size not only allows you to work with larger material and items, but it also allows you to work on more of the same, smaller items at once. For example, depending on the size of your laser bed, you can either run 1 big job or multiple small jobs. So, by finding the laser bed size that ultimately matches your common practices and applications, you can greatly increase productivity.

5. Higher Laser Power

Having a higher laser power has very clear and obvious advantages over having lower power levels. Increasing your power supply can seriously benefit your business. More power = more productivity, flexibility and profitability. You can engrave faster, cut thicker materials and process jobs to a quality that was unheard of before. High laser power, alongside new and innovative technology like CeramiCore laser sources, means the engraving quality is not only amazing, but it’s consistent too. You will always be able to reproduce your designs, no matter what percentage of that power you are using.

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