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Published on: 10/16/2018 Author: Suraya Diamond-Coorey

Trotec lasers cut, engrave & mark on a wide variety of materials, providing unlimited potential for education.


Lasers can be used for so many classroom applications in schools, universities and FabLabs. Here at Trotec, we are proud to have played a part in revolutionising the classroom by offering exciting new technologies to utilise and learn with.

An educational laser cutter gives students the chance to discover new processing techniques before they even enter the workplace. They can create interesting prototypes, learn how to use CAD/CAM programs, put together instructional models and slowly develop their imagination and creativity. Not to mention, they can gain transferable and interchangeable skills to carry with them beyond the classroom.

Trotec’s Solution

Trotec supplies laser engraving and marking solutions to schools across Australia and New Zealand. We are so proud and excited to be a part of the development of young minds. The skills that a student can obtain in a classroom environment can benefit them for the rest of their lives, and this is something we at Trotec understand entirely. With the demand for laser processing and industrial applications growing every day, we believe that teaching young people about the benefits of our technology can truly help them in the future.

The best way to teach is to do… So instead of trying to explain something to your students, let them have a go themselves. Our laser machines are sophisticated, user-friendly and most importantly, they are safe! They really are the best tool for engaging young minds – at the end of the day, what young person wouldn’t want to play with lasers!? Make school fun and introduce laser processing to the classroom.

More About Educational Lasers

Endless Applications

Prototypes & Models

Give your students the ultimate tool for creating prototypes. Students can bring their ideas to life using a laser machine. With our technology, you’re limited only by your imagination.

Art & Design

Aspiring young artists can let their creativity run wild! Create impressive, modern masterpieces from acrylic, wood, paper and more using a Trotec laser.

Identification & Signage

Mark property with barcodes, names or any other school/department information. You’ll also be able to start creating your own signs for classrooms, toilets, directions and much more.

Awards & Fundraising

A Trotec laser machine will quickly and easily pay for itself. It will give you the opportunity to fund additional programs within your school environment, including new classes, grounds-work and employees.