So, You’ve Just Bought
a Trotec Laser

What now?

Published on: 08/28/2018 Author: Suraya Diamond-Coorey

Laser engraving, cutting and marking are great ways to start a profitable, successful business…

Trotec laser machines are easy to learn how to use, so you’ll be able to start working in no time. They are a great for adding value to existing products, personalising, customising and creating new things. Whatever you chose to do with your business – open a storefront, work from home or anything in between – you’ll quickly discover that laser processing is profitable, exciting and rewarding.

It’s very easy to get your business up and running in no time. All you’ll need is a laser machine, your own computer and your favourite graphics program (CorelDRAW, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc). Trotec machines work like a printer driver – all you need to do is click ‘print’ and a job will be sent to the laser. It’s that simple!


You will see an incredible increase in your earning potential as soon as you start personalising and customising – most people are willing to pay more for something with their own name on it! A lot of the time, new-laser-owners will completely pay off their engraving machine within the first few months, thanks to this profit increase.

Trotec caters to any business requirement – from entry level lasers to powerful, industrial galvo units. So, whatever your application may be, we are ready to find you the perfect machine to make your business more profitable.


New business owners will be pleased to know that Trotec laser machines are extremely versatile, flexible and can process just about anything. For example, a Speedy 360 flexx machine can engrave and/or cut wood, acrylic, plastic, fabric, ceramic, glass, some metals and much more. This is because the Flexx series of laser machines have both a CO2 (engraving and cutting) and Fiber (industrial-grade marking) laser source.

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