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Laser Marking Round

Published on: 03/28/2017 Author: Bernd Kerbl

Laser Marking Round Workpieces

Round workpieces can be marked using many kinds of rotary attachments. Usually, it is preferable if the marking is done in a segmented way (in individual parts rather than one big piece). The SpeedMark laser software is very well suited for using rotary attachments, including the basic versions as well as the advanced ones. Depending on your part size and application, Trotec can supply you with the right rotary engraving attachment for universal solutions – now and in the future.

Rotary Engraving Attachment

By using the basic version of RVG, you'll be able to cover a wide range of engraving and marking tasks. A standard rotary attachment consists of a universal mount, so it's suitable for all components up to 1.5kg and 80mm in diameter. The inclination is flexible too, varying from 0-90°. The base plate is fixed with cantering pins as well, meaning you can easily insert and align the attachment within the SpeedMarker laser machines.

Rotary Engraving Attachment Brochure

Rotary Engraving Attachment #2

Rotary Engraving for Precision Engineering

The Rotary Engraving Attachment #2 is an extended version of the normal attachment, made for larger components and workpieces. It's designed as a 'precision version'. With a clamping range of 1.5 - 176mm, an inclination range of 0-90° and a part weight of up to 10kg, the application possibilities are extremely diverse. Depending on your application, you can optionally mount collets as additional mounts for serial labelling. Other options allow almost unlimited possibilities for rotary marking - the sky is your only limit!

Rotary Engraving Attachment #2 Brochure

Special Accessories

The Perfect Solution for Any Requirement

If you find that neither the standard rotary attachment or the rotary attachment #2 are sufficient for your needs, Trotec offers even more options for marking the circumference of large, heavy and long items. For example, by using a motorised swivel axis, you can mark the workpieces' circumference as well as the front end in one simple process. By moving to intermediate positions, you will be able to access additional marking options - so now you can mark things like cones and tubes!

Alternatively, large workpieces can also be placed on powered rollers and marked as it rolls. These parts do not need to be clamped either - they are held with a counter bearing. Rings with large diameters can, for example, be marked using a special 'chuck jaw'. We have already implemented a ring marking measuring Ø250mm.

We Are Always Happy to Help!

Are you keen on marking round objects? Do you have similar requirements for your products and do you have any questions about our rotary engraving options? Our experts will be more than happy to help you and provide you with detailed information regarding the individual possibilities for you and your business. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote - Book a free demonstration and learn more about our laser options.

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