SP2000 Large Format Laser Cutter

Published on: 05/01/2016

Make your production more efficient

The SP2000 is the newest member of Trotec's SP laser cutter series. The system was designed for large format materials, including acrylics, wood, textiles, cardboard and many more. Being the little counterpart of SP3000, the SP2000 laser cutter was developed with a working area of 1680 x 2510 mm, giving it an optimised footprint, and making it ideal for applications that can be processed with the SP3000, but require less space.

Outstanding working area with access on four sides

The SP2000 is easy to access from all four sides. It also features a 1800 mm wide loading opening at the front and the rear, and laser power up to 400 watts. This design allows unrestricted unloading and loading even while the machine is cutting. This setup will drive your productivity.

SP Series Laser Cutters

Multifunctional Table Concept

Trotec has developed a unique, multifunctional table concept for the laser systems of the Speedy and SP Series. The multifunctional table concept allows you to quickly and easily change the table to meet your application needs.

Details about working tables