Expand your product range to celebrate Valentine's Day

Published on: 02/01/2016

With a Trotec Laser you can engrave, cut and customise products to give a romantic touch. A box of wine, a lock, a notepad, rings, timber mobile phone cases, an iPad, greeting cards, pens, a couple of champagne glasses - the list is endless.
Any object can become a Valentine's Day gift. A simple piece of timber can be transformed into a set of coasters or even a simple sheet of paper/cardboard can become a gorgeous greeting card through laser cutting paper.

What can I laser engrave?

Virtually anything? Almost any flat or curved surface can be transformed with a laser. For example:

Pens and keychains
Cups and glassware
iPhones, tablets and e-readers
Bracelets and leather bags
Wooden boxes and coasters
Paper and cardboard
And many more...
All it takes is a design, image or text created within your normal design program and you can "print" (ie laser engrave or laser cut) on almost any surface.

See more laserable materials

Free Valentines' Day tutorial - Love Locks

You see them on bridges all over the world, including the famous bridges in Paris. Typically the lovers' name or intials are engraved on the padlock and the key is thrown away to symbolise their endless love.

In this simple how-to guide we show you how to create your own laser engraved love locks. The perfect gift for your loved one this Valentine's Day. 

Love Locks Tutorial

Free Valentine's Day tutorial - Photo Frame and Mirror

Enhance a simple mirror with personalised engraving - words of love, a poem, encouragement, or motivation will surround your loved ones when they look in it, reminding them that they are loved.

This simple tutorial has the tricks and tips to convert a simple wooden photo frame or mirror into a romantic personalised gift for Valentine's Day.

Wooden Framed Mirror Tutorial