New Industrial Laser Centre

Published on: 01/01/1970

Trotec has launched a brand new industrial laser centre in its showroom in Meadowbrook.

Whether marking metals, plastic or a range of coated materials and alloys, our team in Queensland will offer you specialised knowledge learned through many years of industry experience.
From sentimental inscriptions on precious metal jewellery to long runs of promotional branded items, with a Trotec laser the cost per mark remains minimal, increasing your profitability and minimising time of production. By adding a laser system to your equipment portfolio, you add the capability of cutting, marking, and/or engraving many different types of materials. A Trotec laser is the ideal tool for marking and engraving data plates, industrial tags, anodised aluminium, stainless steel, engravable plastics, foils, films and more.

On display: Speedy 100 fiber

The Speedy 100 fiber laser engraver is a compact entry-level model for marking metal and plastics. This flatbed laser works on a pulsed fiber laser which means speed, flexibility, quality and long service life even when used in continuous operation. The Speedy 100 can be upgraded to a flexx model at any time by adding an extra laser source - your laser will grow with your business

On display: ProMarker 300

The ProMarker 300 combines all advantages of galvo marking while using the smallest footprint.The ProMarker 300 is particularly suitable for the marking of large quantities of small to medium sized parts, as it is cost effective and efficient. With easy to use software the marking of codes, serial numbers, logos, barcodes, graphics and even photos on metal and many types of plastic, becomes an easy task.

On display: SpeedMarker 700

Designed for continuous industrial operation, the SpeedMarker 700 is already used in many different industries for component marking and is the perfect tool for marking metals and plastics.The built in high-speed fiber laser allows marking speeds of 640 characters per second, which guarantees extremely short cycle times and highest productivity.