Sign "Flamingo"

TroGlass Neon appears particularly colourful and bright when it is backed with white acrylic glass - as with this sign. TroGlass Neon is available in four different colours. Try different colour variations and combinations to suit your taste!

lasercut neon sign 1
lasercut neon sign 1


Material required for the sign, outer diameter approx. 29cm
  • TroGlass Neon Pink, 3mm - self-adhesive: 606 x 301 mm (1/4 sheet)
  • TroGlass Neon Green, 3mm - self-adhesive: 606 x 301 mm (1/4 sheet)
  • TroGlass Satins white, 3mm: 606 x 301 mm (1/4 sheet) 

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Machine used
  • Speedy 360
  • 80 watts
  • 2" Lens
  • Nozzle with large hole diameter
  • Acrylic cutting grid table

This sign can also be produced using a different machine from the Speedy laser engraver series. Adjust the parameter settings to suit your particular machine.

Step by step

acrylic sheets troglass neon
Step 1

Step 1: Import/create and print the laser file

Create your own design or use our template. Now send the job to the laser using the settings below.

Print settings

Process mode Resolution Cut line
Standard 500dpi none
Halftone Others
Colour Optimised geometries, inner geometries first, minimise to job size
laser parameter troglass neon
Step 2

Step 2: Laser process

Now create the material parameter settings. All three TroGlass panels can be cut with the same settings. The suggested material parameters may vary depending on which laser machine you are using and how much laser power you have available.

The blue cutting lines on the white base plate serve only to indicate the correct positioning when adhering the neon-coloured elements and should be placed in front of the red cutting parameters if possible. This will produce the best possible cutting result.

Leave the protective film on the material and place the first TroGlass plate in the laser machine. Close the lid of the laser and start the appropriate cutting process. Then cut the other two plates as well.

Laser parameters - TroGlass 3mm:

Color Process Power (%) Speed (%) ppi/Hz
Blue Cut CO2 10 1 1000
Red Cut CO2 50 0.2 5000
Passes Air Assist Z-Offset Direction Advanced
1 ON 3 - -
1 ON - - -
assemble neon sign
Step 3

Step 3: Assembly

After the laser process, remove all of the cut parts from the laser machine.

Now you can remove the protective film from the top of all the cut parts.

Finally, you can now remove the protective film from the back of the coloured elements and attach the individual parts one after the other. The marking lines on the white base plate indicate their position and orientation.

Why should I use TroGlass Neon?

TroGlass Neon catches the eye with its bright colours: pink, yellow, orange and green. These four refreshing neon colours boldly stand out, drawing attention to themselves, becoming the highlight of every product.

TroGlass Neon combines the advantages of opalescence and striking fluorescence in one product. However, it is not only the appearance of TroGlass neon that makes this product so attractive, it also has excellent resistance properties to outdoor weathering, making it the perfect choice for a bold all-weather product.

Bring your products to life with this outstanding cast acrylic glass:

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In the download file you will also find a template for a much larger sign with an outer diameter of about 590mm. This enables you to make the sign in two different sizes. Don't forget you can vary the colours according to your personal choice!

TroGlass Neon stands out exceptionally well against a dark background - making the sign a distinctive and bold eye-catcher!

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