In focus: The “individualisation” megatrend

Alexander Jauker
27. April 2020 • 6 min
With laser technology now being one of the primary methods of production for many companies, it's no surprise that the personalisation of their products is now a very lucrative source of income for these companies and for many others that sell their products. A laser machine simplifies the personalisation process, turning it into a fast and efficient method for engraving names, logos and so much more, and at the same time is able to produce large quantities in a very minimal time frame. Often at our trade shows held around the world, we give visitors the opportunity to engrave a ballpoint pen at our DIY laser station. Having watched this take place now for quite a few years, I have noticed that there is always a large queue of visitors wanting to do this. I am fascinated by the effects of personalisation and it seems so are many other businesses and end users. A rather normal everyday object transforms into something significant and special when it is personalised with an engraving.

Increased revenue through personalisation

From small start-up businesses to larger well established global companies, personalisation has become one of the most popular services to offer. This trend is largely due to the perceived additional value that personalisation provides for customers. When a business opts to introduce a new service, the cost-effectiveness of that service has a huge part to play in making their decision, with other important factors such as the potential profitability and initial cost of investment in the new technology most likely to be the other most important things for consideration.

Laser engraving an everyday object has the ability to transform something ordinary into something significant, creating a unique gift specifically appropriate for any particular occasion. This enables the supplier or retailer to charge a much higher price than the standard mass-market alternative. In most cases, a personalised item can be sold for anywhere between five to ten times more than the standard product, which means that any business offering personalisation can quickly generate higher revenue. Personalisation also makes a business stand out from its competitors when offering this additional service.

There are alternative methods available, but using a Trotec laser machine to personalise products offers the highest accuracy and most efficient process available for large quantities of product, and each personalised engraving will be of the same high quality regardless of quantity. A laser machine also offers the ability to expand rapidly on existing product ranges, with everything from metals, plastics and even textiles capable of being personalised in a quick and cost-effective manner.

How are costs for personalisation calculated?

There are three main considerations that need to be factored in when calculating laser engraving costs. Firstly, the design or artwork that is to be processed. Secondly, the specific material that will be used in the process, and thirdly, the total time it takes to engrave the item or items. The great advantage of using a laser machine is that any design, logo, image or text can easily be replicated despite its complexity. Anything from simple text to very detailed company logos and so much more are possible.

Which laser engrave products are considered best sellers?

Some of the best-selling items for personalisation include photo frames, cake toppers, stationery, pens, reusable drinking bottles, glassware, clothing and even jewellery. Personalised signs, stamps, employee gifts and even data plates are often in high demand by companies who may require one-offs or multiples that may contain unique identifying numbers, serial numbers or other data. The number of ideas for personalisation using a Trotec laser really is unlimited!

Where do I start with individualisation and personalisation?

There are many different ways Trotec can assist you to get started with product personalisation. Why not visit our engraving supplies webshop to learn about our wide range of materials and engravable gifts, or browse through our DIY samples and check out our social media channels to see a whole range of products that can easily be personalised using a Trotec laser machine. We have a team of laser experts available to assist you, ready and willing to offer help and advice to anyone thinking about purchasing a laser engraving machine.

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