What training does Trotec offer?

Training for Beginners

When we supply you with your very first laser machine, we will always teach you how to use it. Additionally, we will continue to support you throughout your laser-lifetime, so you can grow, improve and succeed. Depending on what you want to focus on in your training sessions, you will learn about many theoretical basics, software training and practical laser work using a cocktail of materials. Popular beginner training topics include things like ‘JobControl basics’, ‘how to use CorelDraw’ and ‘finding the right laser parameters for your chosen materials’. Participants usually use their training sessions to deepen their initial experiences with laser machines to fully prepare them for the orders they will inevitably receive. It's a great way to keep up with and stay ahead of the competition. Fr example, you can learn how to simplify work steps and prepare your graphics to speed up your laser process.

Advanced Training

Once you've gotten the hang of using laser machines for basic jobs, you can start throwing yourself into things like photo engraving, acrylic cutting and wood processing. Starting with basic knowledge, you will learn how your laser work can become sharper and more precise by changing the laser parameter settings. You will learn all about which images are particularly suitable for laser processing, why different kinds of resolutions work better than others and how to achieve different degrees of discolouration on wood. Your applications and processes will grow! More about Trotec Academy

Find Tips on the Trotec Website

Everyone knows that time = money. And this often applies in conjunction with your customer orders. That is why Trotec not only offer one-on-one training sessions, but we also have a whole website dedicated to helping laser users get the most out of their machine. Click on the 'Knowledge' tab at the top of our website and be met with pages upon pages of useful information that might be able to help you out in a tight spot. You'll be able to find answers to frequently asked questions, inspiration for creative ideas and even a range of tips & tricks to keep in mind when working. We encourage you to regularly visit these pages as we're constantly adding more content! DIY Samples Tips & Tricks

YouTube Tutorials

We also offer a range of training videos, tutorials and applications to watch on YouTube. This is a great resource for learning new tricks when working with your Trotec laser machine. Alongside our training videos, be inspired by the selection of templates and creative workpieces we showcase on this platform. For a little extra help here and there, subscribe to our YouTube channel to get some worthwhile knowledge from our team of laser experts. Find a a href="to our YouTube channel below: Trotec Laser Australia on YouTube

Contact Us to Learn More

Are you interested in learning more about our laser training sessions? Maybe you'd like to take part in one for yourself? Just remember: we are always happy to help you along your laser journey! Get in touch with us today so that we can discuss the best possibilities for you and you company. Together, we can tailor a training session to suit your needs and elevate your laser knowledge. Contact Us
We at Trotec are always ready to support our customers by offering different levels of laser training sessions. These can help maximise your laser operation, and even get the most out of your laser materials. Talk to us and be inspired - we can help with a large range of laser applications, processing information for new materials and even optimising your work flow. 

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