Can You Process Metal with a Trotec Laser?

What to consider when processing metal with Trotec laser machines

"What laser source can I use to cut metal?"

It is technically possible to cut different kinds of metal with both a CO2 and a fiber laser. Metals like steel and ferrous can be cut much easier that light or non-ferrous metals, including copper and aluminium. Again, it all depends on the thickness of your material and the quality you are after. More About Our Speedy Lasers
In a nutshell, 'process gases' can facilitate your cutting process and improve the cut quality overall in some applications. Gas kits (with the appropriate fittings and nozzles on the working heads) are available from us here at Trotec laser for some of our selected machines. These can, in turn, be used for corresponding process gases (such as nitrogen). For more information about process gases, please contact our laser experts below. Contact Us

"What are the most common laser cutting applications?"

Very thin foils made of ferrous-based material can be easily cut with a CO2 laser machine. Keep in mind that foils are extremely thin, which is the main reason it is so easy to cut this kind of metal! Extremely reflective foils (including copper and/or brass foils) can be cut as well, but with a fiber laser machine. Metal Applications

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Trotec laser machines offer a series of standard solutions for engraving & marking metals. These can be used for a wide variety of applications. Metallic workpieces can sometimes be cut using a laser, but there are several parameters that define the suitability of this application for your chosen material. This includes details like the type of metal you wish to cut, the quality you desire and the accuracy of your cutting edges. There are a range of Trotec laser machines designed for cutting applications -  the SP Series of laser cutters. But they are currently optimised for working with non-metallic materials. Even though there are some restrictions when cutting metallic workpieces, it is possible under certain circumstances! But remember, any new application should always be tested first. REMEMBER: Cutting metal films up to 0.5mm thickness is potentially possible with a fiber or flexx laser system depending on the individual material. However we highly recommend individual tests are performed by our application engineers to confirm the suitability and the likelihood of success. Contact Us for Material Testing

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