UniDrive Software

Converts postscript formats to files that can be processed by laser

Available for  

Speedy 300          Speedy 300 fiber
Speedy 300 flexx  Speedy 360
Speedy 360 fiber  Speedy 360 flexx
Speedy 400          Speedy 400 fiber
Speedy 400 flexx  SP 500
SP1500                 SP3000 

Conversion of PS files

Allow the UniDrive software  to convert compatible files into a format ready for laser processing on a Trotec solution. Files are sent directly to the Trotec Spool Folder ready for processing. Simply open Trotec JobControl and your files will be ready for processing. There are two different operating modes are available - automatic and manual. In automatic mode, special directories are monitored. The files saved in these are converted automatically. In manual mode, you select one or more files, determine the settings, after which the converted files are saved in the Trotec spool directory.

The following file formats are supported:

The postscript formats from the prepress EPS and PS, the data exchange format PDF, and the image formats uncompressed BMP, JPEG, and uncompressed TIFF.