Multifunctional Table Concept

The right working table for every application

Trotec's multifunctional table concept provides optimal configuration for all engraving and cutting applications. The table can be easily arranged and maneuvered according to the type of application. This ensures that the highest processing quality and productivity is achieved on all occccasions. 

Different materials require different configurations. Foils and paper, for example, require a vacuum table with high exhaust power levels in order to achieve optimum results. When cutting acrylics however, back reflections need to be avoided. In this case, an acrylic cutting grid or acrylic slat cutting table is highly recommended as they contain minimal contact points.

Aluminium Cutting Grid Table

The aluminium cutting grid table is suitable for all general cutting tasks. It is ideal for cutting tasks that involve parts smaller than 100mm, as these remain in a flat position after the cut. In comparison to the aluminium slat cutting table, the cutting grid table has additional support points.

Aluminium Slat Cutting Table

The aluminium slat cutting table is suitable for laser cutting thicker materials (8mm thickness) and for parts wider than 100mm. Lamellas can be individually placed. Alternatively, the table can be easily tailored and arranged to suit the individual application.

Acrylic Cutting Grid Table

This table is highly effective in preventing back reflection. It is therefore suitable for cutting laminates, acrylics or plastic films with parts smaller than 100mm. This is because these materials remain in a flat position once they are laser cut.

Acrylic Slat Cutting Table

The acrylic slat cutting table contains acrylic lamellas that works to prevent reflection during laser cutting. This table is ideal for cutting thicker materials (8mm thickness) and for parts wider than 100mm. Depending on the job, you can decrease the number of supporting points by individually removing the lamellas.

Vacuum Table

This table uses a light vacuum to fix materials to the working table. Better engraving results are therefore achieved as the table ensures correct focusing over the entire surface area. The handling effort associated with mechanical mounting is also significantly reduced. The vacuum table is ideal for thin and lightweight materials that tend to not lay flat on the surface, including paper, foils and films.

Ferromagnetic table

This unique table uses magents to mount thin materials and ensure an even and flat surface. It is suitable for materials including paper, films and foils. An even working is crucial for achieving optimal results. 

Honeycomb Cutting Tabletop

Applications that demand minimal back reflections and optimum flatness of the material, such as the cutting of membrane switches, can be performed on the honeycomb cutting tabletop. It is recommended to use the table in conjunction with a vacuum table. 

Which work tables are available on which machine?

Work table Speedy 100 Speedy 
Ferromagnetic table
Aluminum Cutting Grid Table
Acrylic Cutting Grid Table ⚫* ⚫*
Aluminum Slat Cutting Table
Acryl Slat Cutting Table
Vacuum Table
Honeycomb Table Top

*available as tabletop version

Configure your laser machine with the following options for your application:

360° laser engraving with the rotary engraving attachment

Trotec's rotary engraving attachment provides endless opportunities for laser engraving. Easily engrave round, cylindrical and conical objects, such as glasses, bottles, cups and even vases, with the rotary engraving attachment. 

Learn mre about the rotary engraving attachment

The optimal lens for a perfect application result

Different lenses are often used for achieving optimal results in a variety of engraving and laser cutting applications. When it comes to focus lenses we recommend the following: the more detailed the graphics, the shorter the focal length. The thicker the material that needs to be laser cut, the greater the focal length should be. 

Laser power also plays a substantial role in ensuring optimum results are achieved. This is why we offer our customers eight different lenses to ensure perfect results everytime.

The right focus lens for your application

Engrave bulky parts with the pass-through

Trotec's Speedy Laser machines provide full flexibility through its optional hatch. This allows very long and bulky workpieces, such as doors, wooden wall panels and large plates, to be effectively processed. Please note that given the pass-through, the Speedy is categorised as a laser safety class 4 machine.

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