Multi Color Jet -
Stamp Colouring Machine

Multi-color stamp production has just become easier

The manufacture of multi-colour rubber stamps has now become even easier. With the Multi Color Jet, Trotec and Trodat have optimised the automated manufacture of multi-colour rubber stamps even further. While the Trotec laser engraving machine engraves the text plate of the rubber stamps, the Multi Color Jet impregnates the laser-cut pads.

As the two work steps are performed simultaneously, they are also completed at the same time, like a conventional rubber stamp production process. Another plus: The Multi Color Jet keeps all 15 inks of the Multi Colour color spectrum ready for use at all times – no refitting required.

Available for  

Speedy 100
           Speedy 100 flexx
Speedy 300           Speedy 300 flexx    
Speedy 360           Speedy 360 flexx
Speedy 400
          Speedy 400 flexx

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A few benefits:

  • Up to 12 pads per colouring process (depending on the pad size)
  • Up to 15 color in one pad
  • 15 ink tanks permanently available
  • For Trodat Professional, Printy and Mobile Printy

How does it work?

  1. Design the multi-colour stamp impression as usual in CorelDraw. The Multi Color Check Softwarechecks automatically whether the set stamp impression fulfils the requirements and can be produced. At the same time, and with just one click, you generate the jobs required for the two production machines – laser machine and Multi Color Jet. The intelligent laser software JobControl fully automatically generates three production jobs: The laser cut for the Multi Colour pad, the job for impregnating the pads, and the laser engraving job for producing the rubber stamp text plate.
  2. Place the non-impregnated Multi Color pads into the laser machine. A flexible tray will assist you in positioning the pads correctly. The Trotec laser will then immediately start cutting the pads into matching segments exactly according to the impression design.
  3. Now remove the tray from the laser machine and place it in the Multi Color Jet. With just one click, you start the fully automatic impregnation process. During the process, you can access the full spectrum of 15 colors at all times – absolutley easy and clean!

At the same time, you start the engraving process of the corresponding text plates on the laser engraving machine. You will thus have produced the finished Trodat stamp with your own customised multi-color impression in a quick, clean and efficient process.