Digital Table Exhaust

To achieve the highest cutting quality, you need to ensure you’re using the best possible vacuum for cnc laser cutting machines… and the Table Exhaust is the perfect option! The SP2000 & SP3000 laser cutters have the option to activate specific ‘zones’ in the working area, which correspond with the laser exhaust system as well. This is not possible with other tables.

Usually, when working with materials and equipment that don’t entirely cover the working area, the open spaces must be manually covered by the operator or an assistant to achieve an efficient vacuum – this can be done using scrap paper or spare material. So, the preparation of your laser engraving equipment can take time, effort and money.

However, when you’re using the SP2000 and SP3000, the segmented system allows the working area to be divided into 2 (2000) or 4 (3000) zones at a time. You can then individually activate these zones by pressing a button on the operating console.

If you need to cut the materials in segment 1, you only need to activate that segment. So, you won’t need to manually cover the remainder of segment 2 anymore! Ultimately, you will achieve a perfect vacuum every time, and always produce professional, high-quality cutting results.