automated laser cutter GS12

Laser GS: Paper Cutting

The perfect laser system for high-speed & high-volume paper cutting

Laser Cutting & Engraving for Customisation

Add some value to your printed materials and achieve a higher profit margin by laser finishing your products! Whatever you're creating - business cards, brochures, packaging or labels - laser cutting and engraving will always increase the quality and selling prices of your products. You can engrave logos, cut individual names and create sophisticated ornaments, among many other things. This really is the best way to stay ahead of the competition!

GS1000 - Galvo Laser Workstation GS1200 - Automated Laser System

Expand Your Range of Services with a Laser System

The GS1000 allows you to create products that would be impossible without a laser system. Expand your product range with additional services, including register-accurate contour cutting, fine engraving geometries or perforation of printed materials.

  • High return on investment, even with short runs
  • Extremely delicate cuts and engraving on paper

Technical Data:

Laser Type: Galvo, CO2 laser
Work Area: 500 x 500mm
Laser Power: 100W

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GS1200 - See How It Works

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GS1200 – Automated Laser Cutting for High-Volume Paper Converting

Cutting / Kiss-Cutting / Perforating / Engraving / Personalisation

The GS1200 is an automated solution with flat pile feeder, automated paper path and sheet stacker. The system concept ensures maximum process reliability and top cutting quality. The feeder and paper path are equipped, among other things, with ultrasonic sensors to avoid malfunction. In the patent-pending “free-floating” laser cutting method, the paper is only supported laterally by brackets, thus lasered while free-floating. This is unique in the industry. The sheet stacker ensures that even delicately cut paper products are stacked carefully.

Net speed: 1,800 sheets per hour

"Cutting On Air" Laser Processing

In the patent-pending laser "cutting on air" method, the paper is only supported laterally by brackets. This means is it 'free-floating' while it is being processed. As a result, the unwanted reflections of the laser beam are prevented. Additionally, the cutting waste immediately falls away, allowing the final paper product to be stacked away without any further action. The clamping holder ensures that the paper is always stable and in focus. This ensures the best cutting results and highest quality possible.

SpeedMark Vision: Camera-Supported Registration Mark Recognition

SpeedMark Vision uses one (GS1000) or two cameras (GS1200) to detect registration marks printed on the edge of a sheet of paper. These registration marks enable the SpeedMark Vision software to determine the position and rotation of the printed paper sheets on the working area of the laser. This way, you'll always have a seamless process. In addition, all distortions are detected and corrected by the intelligent SpeedMark software. This adapts the cutting path dynamically to the graphics and avoids mistakes. A perfectly processed, high-quality end product is guaranteed.

GS1000 – More Than Paper

Laser Workstation for Many Applications

The GS1000 laser workstation can be used for extremely fast laser cutting and engraving. With a CO2 laser and a large working area of up to 500 × 500mm, a wide range of materials can be cut or engraved.

The GS1000 can achieve up to 50 times the speed of a flatbed system – depending on the respective application, of course. The GS1000 also allows greater focus tolerance, so minor imperfections in the material will not adversely affect the engraving result. When cutting thin materials like films, the galvo laser will, likewise, outperform flatbed lasers with its speed.

Perfect Finishing, Thanks to Register Accuracy

Registration mark detection allows printed paper to be cut delicately and engraved individually. Printing deviations are detected by the SpeedMark Vision software, and the cutting path is automatically adjusted to meet these new, unexpected requirements. The cutting lines will always match the print perfectly, so you won't have to worry about wasted or ruined stock anymore. Trotec machines are reliable and consistent enough to complete even the trickiest jobs.

Shuttle Table for the GS1000

To further increase your work efficiency, the GS1000 can be optionally equipped with a shuttle table. This allows the operator to simultaneously remove the final product from the second processing table during the laser job and prepare the next one for processing. This will easily and significantly cut your working time down and make your life so much easier. It's safe, easy and perfect for those larger jobs.