laser cut process

How to laser cut

With Trotec laser cutting machines.

Laser cutting is fast and productive

Why Trotec?
Trotec laser cutting machines outperform conventional cutting systems in terms of speed, throughput and productivity. In recent times laser cutting has improved immensely. It is easier and faster than ever before and has been applied to a wide range of applications and industries. Trotec is one of the world's leading manufacturers of laser systems. We offer innovative laser cutting machines which are capable of a diverse range of applications including, cutting acrylic, laser cutting of architectural models, foils and films, signage, paper, toys, wood, and many more.

In all applications and industries, Trotec laser machines stand for clean, fast and high-quality laser cutting.

Laser machines can be used flexibly

What is laser cutting?
Trotec laser cutting machines can be easily adapted to a range of application requirements. With the pin point laser accuracy, individual pieces can be cut just as easily and economically as a mass production. Laser cutting is suited to both small work pieces and large objects alike.

Maximum precision

How to use a laser cutter?
Laser cutting machines from Trotec are equipped with integrated cameras that detect registration marks, which automatically control the position of the laser at maximum precision, even if the original template is rotated, expanded or distorted. 

Safe process

What are the basics of cutting?
When operating a laser cutter, users will never come into contact with open or moving machine parts during the application process. This eliminates the need for aligning or fastening the materials. Trotec employs many safety features to ensure a safe operating environment for the operator and the laser cutter at all times.

Sharp edges

Trotec laser cutting machines offer pinpoint accuracy, delivering sharp and clean edges that will not fray. When working with acrylic, a flame-polished edge is produced.

Profitable cutting process

Why our customers are more profitable?
Trotec laser machines stand for maximum quality, reliability, performance and speed. Besides laser cutting being extremely profitable our machines are not subject to wear and tear which will consequently allow you to pay the machine off quickly and maximize your income. 

Trotec machines for laser cutting

Trotec offers you a wide range of flatbed laser machines for cutting a large variety of materials.

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